Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cuomo Compares Running For Re-Election To Teacher Evaluation System

He's rubbing our faces in it now:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted today he hates running for re-election, comparing the process of subjecting himself to voters to teachers who resent strict evaluations.

But Mr. Cuomo said both are necessary–and continued to knock the teachers’ unions for resisting his education reforms.

“I do not want to be evaluated. I will tell you a secret: I don’t like it, I don’t like that I have to run for re-election,” Mr. Cuomo told Susan Arbetter on the Capitol Pressroom radio program. “If I have never done it before in my life, this is traumatic to me. I have a school teacher who basically said to me, ‘Look I’ve been teaching for 15 years and now I’m gonna be evaluated.’ It is very upsetting and frightening, I understand that.”

“Now all of a sudden there’s gonna be an evaluation of them. I get it. But change is traumatic, change is also how you progress,” he added.

Cuomo's so full of shit with this comparison that I can't tell you how angry it makes me to type this commentary.

Cuomo did everything he could to rig his re-election.

He accumulated a $43 million+ campaign war chest and outspent his opponent 7 to 1.

He didn't want to have to face a third party candidate from the left because polls showed he could lose significant support to that kind of candidate in a general election, so he did what he had to do to "win" Working Families Party support, then promptly broke the promises he made in order to win that support.

He campaigned as little as possible, met as few people in public as possible and ran as many ads as possible so that he could hammer his opponent without having to leave the house much.

He hid from debates, refused to debate on TV and eventually agreed to one radio debate.

Cuomo's comparing concerns teachers have over an undeveloped evaluation system that will be created by the same people who rolled out the Common Core on toilet paper and gave a sociopath liar a charter school without checking his credentials to his running for re-election is, quite frankly, bullshit.

This is a guy who did everything he could to rig his re-election.


  1. He has such contempt for the masses. He is the truth of all bourgeois politicians in this respect.

  2. ” If you were fortunate enough right now to be standing over George Orwell’s grave in the sweet garden of the churchyard at Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, you would hear, piercing the roar of his revolving corpse, a plaintive, despairing voice crying out: “Bury me deeper. Now. Please.”

  3. This is another in a long line of excellent posts, RBE.

    It's an outrageous lie that teachers have never been evaluated until the past couple of years. Fact is that I have been observed and given an annual evaluation throughout the past 34 years. Decades before the worthless Danielson model and the era of testing mania all of us had been getting observed (repeatedly) and given yearly reviews, that were placed in our files.

    Governor Andrew Cuomo is a sickening liar. Senator John Flanagan is a notorious windbag who goes around stating (literally) that he is an "expert" on education, when in reality he knows next to nothing how teaching and learning occur in a classroom or what is important to the educators in the trenches.

    From his perch as chair of the Senate Education Committee Flanagan has made good on his pledge to do whatever he can to "f--k NYSUT."

    Assemblyman Cathy Nolan has repeatedly been raked over the coals by Cuomo and Flanagan and has no business serving as chair of the Assembly Education Committee. She simply isn't up to the job. Her comments on the floor of the Assembly Tuesday night didn't even make sense. She threw all of us under the bus and then lied like only a politician can do.

    NYSUT endorsed and contributed to the campaigns of nearly every single Assembly Democrat that shafted us. Great job Andy Pallotta.

  4. Cuomo will get his comeuppance sooner or later but, know that it will all catch up with him. I am a firm believer in "what goes around, comes around" and as a recently retired career educator, I have never been proven wrong. The long history of Cuomo's dysfunctional personal life is but a small glimpse into this walking POS. This self-absorbed sociopath will have his day in court (either on ethics charges or facing off against parents and children). Money DOES buy a lot of things in life BUT, it doesn't buy happiness and/or honesty. The lesson we have all learned is that Albany has been bought off by the Wall Street hedge fund investors. The only way that things are going to change will be when Cuomo's self-professed "legacy" of being the change agent for education in NYS proves to be his undoing. Given time, he will hang himself ... those drunk on their own self-absorbed power can't help themselves. Stay tuned, indeed.

    1. Great post. Also I was reading where cuomo stated that when he is in his rocking chair he wants to be able to say that he was the one responsible for changing the teacher evaluation which is meaningful. This is a typical example of how these politicians do things for their own "legacy" and not really for the good of the situation.

    2. Eh. One hears that ALOT: "what goes around comes around" or "it will come back to them" or if you are into the whole Eastern thing, "karma."

      I call bullshit on that. It's not true! Most of the time it doesn't come back around to them at all. That's why they are in positions of real power to begin with!! Assholes win! Cuomo won't go down in any real way! He'll continue being governor, prob won't be president, but nothing will bite him. He has advanced in life precisely because he is a true and total prick.

      It's just like the playground when you were 5 years old or whatever. The bully asshole.....well that kid doesn't get squashed by the justice of the universe! He ends up owning the company you work for! Asshole pricks win.

      We need to abandon all the feel good platitudes that we toss around as this one and the other educational old saw: "everything is a pendulum." Nope. Assholes win and pendulums are only balls on the ends of a rope.

      Lets assume going forward that he'll continue to win unless we get aggressive and fast.