Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cuomo Hides From The Press

Bill Mahoney has a Capital NY piece that details how Andrew Cuomo has shifted from doing interviews with local Albany radio to national venues more friendly to him (like CNN, where his brother, Chris Cuomo, joins him for the Brady Bunch Hour From Hell Show.)

Nick Reisman adds some interesting commentary to the piece via twitter:

Gee, what started in late October, went through November and ended in December?

Oh, yeah, I remember - the Silver and Skelos trials, from pretrial motions to verdicts.

What else happened around that time period?

Oh yeah, I remember - news that Cuomo's Buffalo Billion Project was under federal investigation and his donors, along with state entities involved in the bidding process, had been subpoenaed.

You know, the kind of stuff Chris Cuomo doesn't ask him about much on CNN.

No wonder Cuomo hasn't made himself available to the press, except on a limited basis and often with friendly outlets.


  1. Run, run, run... Psycho governor ... Run , run , run away....

  2. Is it true that Cuomo hasn't made himself available to the press? It seems to me that he promised to give interview for SNN. As the best custom paper writing service writes Chris Cuomo was a step away from the fact that he was caught by the paparazzi.