Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, December 18, 2009


It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Earlier in the week, the man on my TV told me to expect about an inch of snow.

Tonight he says 6-10.

It will be all done by Sunday afternoon, so there's no chance of a snow day in the New York City public school system on Monday.

But you can be sure that even if it snowed until 10 AM Monday morning and there were 36 inches of white powder blanketing New York City with drifts so high they were up to Mayor Moneybags beady, bloodshot eyes, Chancellor Klein would wait until the last second possible to close New York City schools - like 6:30 AM after thousands of teachers were already on their way to work.

And of course he'd make that call from a comfy chair in front of his fireplace in his Park Avenue duplex apartment while sipping cocoa and watching his favorite hedge fund managers/education reformers on CNBC's morning show.

Cuz' that's the kind of guy Uncle Joel is.


  1. So true... there is no justice in this world! Remember the year they didn't cancel school in a blizzard? (2004 I think) I battled snowbanks and slipped on buses and trudged twenty blocks through ice and snow, not wanting to waste a sick day. I had like five kids in each class. Imagine the money wasted that day, keeping the schools open for a handful of kids. What was Moneybags thinking? Oh right, he wasn't. He just wanted to torment teachers.

    Oddly enough, school closed the next day I believe, and it was sunny and beautiful. Oh the irony....

  2. Of course Mayor Moneybags, the environmental mayor, would just take a helicopter from his private island in the Bahamas and land in City Hall Park, so no problem for him getting to work through the ice and snow...