Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Teacher Evaluation Passes Assembly

A sad day for education - the assembly passed the piece of shit deal the unions made with the ed deformers running policy at the NYSED.

40% of teacher evaluations are now tied to test scores.

Starts in 2012-2013 for all teachers.

Welcome to all test prep all the time.

The new normal for public education.

I guess this is what President Accountability meant by change.

And of course the unions caved to make sure this "change" got done.

Heckuva job to all of you.

Public education will look like the Gulf of Mexico when they got done with it.


  1. Biggest joke (on us) would be if Albany DOESN'T pass the charter school cap. Why would Mulgrew give them this deal?

    How much did you get paid by our Dictator Mayor, Mulgrew? Or is it a free pass to The Dictator's Bermuda estate - or both?

    Maybe we should just start calling Mulgrew "Christine" as in Quinn, that OTHER bloodsucking Tweedite.

    Beats Coney Island in February, huh Mulgrew?

  2. Yeah, there is no point in even thinking the deforms can be fought. When the union sells you out in the middle of the night with a secret backroom deal on test scores/evals, there is no reason to believe they won't agree to all the things Kleinberg and the other deformers want.