Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I took the summer off from regular blogging here at Perdido Street School, and other than a guest stint at NYC Educator's blog a few weeks ago and some comments at other blogs, have refrained from posting.

I really was thinking of shutting the site down, but I wanted to give it a few weeks before I made a final decision.

Well, I've made it.

I have been blogging for longer than I care to remember, first at, then here at Perdido Street School.

While I remain committed to progressive causes, especially progressive education causes, I am now hanging up the regular blogging shoes.

I feel it - it's time.

Before I go, let me say thank you to all the readers here at Perdido Street School, my fellow bloggers in the education blogosphere, and a special thank you to that fellow at who inspired me some years ago to start blogging and still brings me over to his site occasionally to have my say on things.

Finally, let me just say that I was going to run the last post with Perdido Street School being shut down by Chancellor Walcott and replaced with a Moskowitz Success Academy charter.

Then I thought about running a post that had me killed while riding shotgun in Cathie Black's car in the Hamptons as she hit the summer cocktail circuit.

The last post idea I had was my going to work for News Corporation's K-12 online education division as assistant phone hacker to Joel Klein.

As these ideas popped into my head, that's when I knew that I had made the right decision about leaving.

It is definitely time to go.

So, with that, let me say it one last time - good-bye and good luck.


  1. I'm truly sorry to see you go. I've always enjoyed your blog and admired your stamina. You were truly indefatigable, posting several times a day while I was lucky to think of a few posts a week. I certainly understand your decision, and if you ever wish to post something I'd be happy to have you be a guest on my blog. I hope this isn't the last we hear of you. Best of luck!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're leaving the blogging community of educators. I will miss your very insightful, intelligent, and forthright comments. I have been reading your blog since you informed Mr. AT or chaz (can't remember which one) a year or two ago that you're coming back. I wish you the best. Please continue to provide the readers of your insight to the deformers' M.O. of destroying public education. I look forward to reading your comments in other blogs. May you have a stressless school year as possible.

  3. I really, really hate to see you go. You not only did a great job covering the education scene, but you frequently tied education concerns in with the larger political picture. I know this must been a lot of work for you, but could you consider cutting back rather than shutting down altogether?

    I, quite frankly, wish you would reconsider, as I will miss you terribly.

  4. You will surely be missed. i hope you consider at least some guest blogs. Your insight has informed and educated so many, myself included. Best wishes to you.

  5. From your informative, kick-ass content to your wonderful music offerings...this place was a joy to come to each and every day. Even though you weren't blogging this summer I used your blog-roll to the right to become a better informed progressive.

    Thanks for all your posts and info, and I truly hope you continue to fight, post, and comment at other sites.

  6. We will all miss you. If you come to your senses, my place is always open. I wish you happiness and fulfillment, whatever you decide. There's no voice quite like yours, though, and I hope we see it somewhere, somehow.

  7. RBE:

    You will be missed. Nobody can post the way you do. I might not always agree with your politics but we see eye to eye on the evil of the DOE and the Bloomberg Administration.

    I hope you will at least guest blog on nyc educator.

    Good luck and stay well

  8. I read your blog everyday. You will be missed.

  9. The gang above said it all. I hope you will still be actively engaged in the struggle in some manner. You are one of the people who truly understand the 2-front war real reformers have to fight given the role the UFT leadership plays. Keep me informed of issues at your school. Ed Notes is always open to your insights should you get the urge. And I am always open to a visit to Rockaway from a home town boy.

  10. You are by far the BEST OF THEM ALL!!!-Thank you and stay well

  11. Crap. Well...damn. I can only think that you know best what's best for you. I'm going to need to peruse your blog list for some kind of fill in for this space I've come to count on. Best wishes. On with the show, good health to you.

  12. Thanks for all the kind words.

    I must admit, on days when the mayor defends lying to the public over his deputy mayor's arrest on domestic abuse charges even as his schools chancellor says if teachers don't perform, "we're going to do something to you!", I get the itch to post.

    So far, I have restrained myself to a comment or two at corporate education deform site Gotham Charter Schools and Testing Company and sent both Norm and NYC Educator emails with posting ideas.

    But I may take up a few of the offers here for guest posts - thanks, AT and NYC Educator for those.

    And Norm, glad to here Rockaway survived Irene (as did the Jersey City waterfront, where I currently abode) and here's hoping you have the summer BBQ again at your house next year. Would love to come down and see the old neighborhood again!

  13. Another one bites the dust. Funny how few of the crew from the mid 2000s are still blogging. I hung it up years ago. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and I always enjoyed our exchanges.

    Best of luck RBE.


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