Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, December 3, 2011

TSA Strip Searches, Bloodies 85 Year Old Gandmother At JFK

The message from this story is simple - submit to our control mechanisms or we will FUCK YOU UP:

An 85-year-old Long Island grandmother says she plans to sue the TSA after a humiliating strip search on Tuesday by agents at JFK Airport.

Lenore Zimmerman, who lives in Long Beach, says she was on her way to a 1 p.m. flight to Fort Lauderdale when security whisked her to a private room and took off her clothes.

“I walk with a walker — I really look like a terrorist,” she said sarcastically. “I’m tiny. I weigh 110 pounds, 107 without clothes, and I was strip-searched.”

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a review of closed circuit TV footage from the airport shows “proper procedures were followed.”

But Zimmerman, whose hunched back puts her at 4-foot-11, said her ordeal began after her son, Bruce, drove her to the JetBlue terminal for the Florida flight. She lives in warm Coconut Creek during the winter.

She checked her bags, waited for a wheelchair and parted ways with her doting son — her only immediate relative.

When Zimmerman reached a security checkpoint, she asked if she could forgo the advanced image technology screening equipment, fearing it might interfere with her defibrillator.

She said she normally gets patted down. But this time, she says that two female agents escorted her to a private room and began to remove her clothes.

“I was outraged,” said Zimmerman, a retired receptionist.

As she tried to lift a lightweight walker off her lap, she says, the metal bars banged against her leg and blood trickled from a gash.

“My sock was soaked with blood,” she said. “I was bleeding like a pig.”

She says the TSA agents showed no sympathy, instead pulling down her pants and asking her to raise her arms.

“Why are you doing this?” she said she asked the agents, who did not respond.

The TSA claims the footage does not show any sign of the injury.

Ms. Zimmerman is lucky the NYPD didn't get - she'd have gotten an orange net thrown around her and been pepper-sprayed too.

This is the new normal in America - more and more security and control by the establishment, and while they nominally say you don't have to submit to it, the people who ask out often pay a price.

Even 85 year old, 110 pound women who are 4 foot 11 and use a walker.

Until Americans finally wake up and say enough with this shit, things are going to get worse and worse.

The powers-that-be will continue to use this "We-Are-At-War" excuse to perpetrate more and more domestic control over us.

And of course this has never been about fighting terrorism.

That's just the convenient excuse they use.


  1. When my grandparents (may they both rest in peace) traveled to their 'snow bird' home in Florida, my grandmother had her cuticle scissors removed from her carry on luggage. My aunt was their caretaker who was helping them settle in. She looked at the agent and asked, "Do you really think an 83 year old eastern European woman will really pose a threat on the airplane?"

    Agent's response, "We need to follow protocol'.

    My response to this: "oh please"

  2. I hope she sue's the criminals. How may terrorist 85 years olds are there? Seriously, this is criminal and the Globalists, Government and Elite need to be exposed. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

  3. By now American's should know Tsa is not about security but is a war on the american people. It's about defiling their sense of dignity and humilatizing them. We have before witnessed tsa lying to the american ppl. and they are lying about what this poor women went through.The fact american's have accepted the practice of tsa feeling the crtoches of their children and grandparent's is very troubling.The fact that muslim women in full burque go through security without patdowns because to do so offends their sensibilites yet judeo-christian women and children are subjected to humilation tells me something is VERY WRONG.

  4. The big thing about this is that, as you say, they've preyed upon the American fear of terrorists to do all kinds of things to abridge civil liberties--and humiliate people. And the public is willing to let them because they're scared. I can imagine the outrage there would have been if this kind of thing happened in the world that existed before 9.11.I really miss that world.

  5. The problem is america Tsa will not stop with molesting you if YOU DON'T PUT A STOP TO THIS.It will get worse.Isarel is surrounded by those who wish to destroy her and they have not stooped to the antic's of Tsa and have been very successful with curtailing violence at their airport's. The use of bomb sniffing dog's would be a great resource.Interesting the Tsa refuses dosmeter's or to have their backsquatter machines checked by independant sources. Why is that? American can you truely accept your wife..daughter's gential's fingered simply because they flew? A pandemic is nipping at the Tsa gloves are not changed after they groped your daughter's/wives gentials skin on skin.Can't you see how atrocious this is? And if not why NOT?