Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Thought It Was All About Accountability

The Mayor of Money and his toady chancellor declared today that they had to release the Teacher Data Reports with the 87% maximum margins of error because "it's all about accountability":

This morning, after a week in which Mayor Bloomberg defended the release, Walcott revised his message.

“It’s all about accountability,” he said, appearing on a panel in Washington, D.C., with Bloomberg and the mayors and schools chiefs of Chicago and Los Angeles.

“It’s all about accountability,” Walcott added. “And as the mayor indicated, parents have a right to have this information. What I’ve been trying to do is making sure that the entire New York City community understands that this is a limited piece of information and they have to view the teachers in their full context.”

Meanwhile Jon Corzine and his merry crooksters at MF Global made $1.2 billion in customer cash disappear and NOBODY is going to be charged with a crime:

Federal authorities are struggling to find evidence to support a criminal case stemming from the collapse of MF Global, even after a federal grand jury in Chicago has issued subpoenas.

Investigators, unable to find a smoking gun amid thousands of e-mails and documents, increasingly suspect that chaos and poor risk control systems prompted the disappearance of more than $1 billion in customer money, according to several people involved in the case.

When the money first went missing, prosecutors in New York and Chicago scrambled to stake a claim. Now, four months later, both Preet S. Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, and Patrick J. Fitzgerald, his counterpart in Chicago, are shying away from leading the case, one of those people involved in the case said.

Indeed, a number of federal prosecutors have expressed doubts to others involved in the case that anyone at MF Global — including the firm’s chief executive, Jon S. Corzine, and back-office employees in Chicago — intentionally misused customer money, said people involved in the case who were not authorized to speak publicly about the investigation.

See - it is all about accountability.

Make $75, 798 a year as an 8 year teacher and you are going to be held accountable for your performance, mister!

Run MF Global into the ground and allow somebody to steal $1.2 billion and nothing happens to you.

Kinda like how nobody from the Bloomberg administration has answered for any of the tech scandals that allowed crooks to steal close to $1 billion in cash.


Sorry...Hey, look over there! A teacher with tenure!!!

He must be guilty of something...


  1. It was a complete crime for those customer funds to be touched at all. Instead, they have "vaporized" according to the bankers. This has destroyed confidence now in all the commodity business, and serve as a WARNING, in RED CAPS for all of you who have funds in ANY bank account.

    You all have to think about taking out funds from these accounts, and placing them in another vehicle or instrument-a mattress? A home or precious metals? Fiat currency into material things. The only reason why the DOW has recently spiked is that the world's central banks in Europe and Asia have recently printed fiat currency out of thin air to "keep things going". Basically, the debt in the western, "civilized" world, will NEVER be reconciled, and the politicians worldwide will merely continue to print money to pay the bills, and prevent a complete collapse of society-HOWEVER at some point this ALSO will explode. If it gets really bad, they will seize the money in your accounts to keep things going.

    If they get away with this (Corzine), which they will, ANY time a bank gets into hot water with their own trades, business, or other activities, they will SEIZE customer accounts, and it will be "settled" in bankruptcy proceedings somewhere down the line. If/when the SHTF economically, your 401K plans, savings, TDAs, etc., are not as stable and reliable as one might think.

    This is why the world has turned to investing some of their savings in gold coins and precious metals. However, during the Depression ,FDR seized private investor's gold. One can't make up how grim this scenario is. We are now in complete subservience to the oligarch class, which owns the media, and simply privatizes and seizes whatever they desire. This is hell on earth for those that believe in freedom. What they are doing to teachers here, the lies and inherent dishonesty whitewashed by the media and government is how this huge steamroller works.

    One thing for certain-the 1% is throwing the 99% about like a rag doll. Things have never been better for them. Meanwhile, our lives tumult into....who knows? Unfortunately, I see no cavalry in site for our rescue. One thing people are doing, those that can, is expatriation.. Some people are leaving the country, either part-time, or forever.

  2. As far as Bloomberg is concerned, it's Tammany Hall 2012: a circle of cronies and butt-kissers receiving bloated municipal contracts propped up by an electorate who benefits from his bicylce-lane-drawing, stop-and-frisking, gentrifying policies. Moving the DOE to Tweed was no accident. It was a symbolic gesture that a new political machine is running the show, same as the old machine.