Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Dare CTU Members Read A Contract Before They Sign It!

CTU delegates have voted to extend the teachers strike until at least Tuesday while they read the final details of the contract and discuss it with their chapter members before a final up or down vote on whether to end the strike or not comes Tuesday night.

Of course the concern trolls in the media will explode at this - how dare they extend the strike, how dare they inconvenience parents and harm students, blah blah blah.

You know what?

Rahm "F---ing" Emanuel has already reneged on one contract signed by his predecessor.

It behooves CTU members to see the final details of this contract before they decide to stop the strike or not.

In addition, Rahm Emanuel is a banker by trade - never, ever trust a banker or sign anything one of these criminal bastards puts in front of you without reading it first - all of it.

We have plenty of instances since 2007 of lying, weasel bankers screwing people who didn't read what they signed - and even screwing people who did read what they signed.

We also have at least one instance in which Rahm "F---ing" Emanuel's word has been worth less than Enron stock.

CTU members should take the time to read this contract, discuss it with their colleagues and family and figure out what they want to do.

That's a good lesson not only for other teachers around the country, but also for all kids - see all the details of an agreement and read what you're going to sign, discuss it with others first, get all the information you can - especially when the group you're doing the deal with has shown themselves to be dishonest and devious in the past.

Democracy may not be quick and easy, but it sure works better when people actually take the time to think, reflect, share, and discuss with others important things like this.

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