Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prop 37

Proposition 37 in California would require companies to label foods that are "made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways."

Companies in California will no longer be able to call foods made with GMO material "natural," as they do now.

This is a pretty big thing and of course the big companies are providing funding to fight Prop 37 from passing because they fear once California forces labeling of GMO material, the rest of the nation will as well.

Here you can see the companies putting up money to fight Prop 37.

It's the usual conglomerates, but what you may not know is that many of these conglomerates own the "natural" and "organic" companies.

Kashi, for example, which uses GMO material in almost all of its products (but labels them "natural" and prices them higher accordingly) is owned by Kelloggs.

While Kashi has not donated any money against Prop 37, its parent company Kelloggs has donated over $630,000

If Prop 37 passes, Kashi, the "natural" food company, will have to label the crap its selling as the genetically modified shit it is instead of being able to market itself as some healthier alternative to conventional processed foods.

You can imagine how a change in labeling law will affect dishonest companies like Kashi that sell "natural" foods to consumers that are anything but.

You can see a chart of all the "natural" and "organic" companies and who owns them here.

Just as in education, never believe the hype or the p.r. in the food world.

Follow the money instead.

"Organic" and "natural" companies owned by Cargill, ConAgra, Dean, General Mills, Kelloggs et al. are selling you stuff that is anything but organic or healthy.

Prop 37 will make these shysters and con artists own up to their sleight of hand.

Here's hoping Prop 37 passes.

Oh, and if you have any Kashi in the pantry, throw that shit away.

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  1. Gates/Microsoft Foundation + Monsanto/GMO Foods = Privatized gene pools, food, water, schools and eventually the air we breathe.

    The keystone linking Gates (who has never been a technological innovator, but rather an obsessive monopolist) and Monsanto is "intellectual property rights," i.e. the state-sanctioned right to monetize and control the choke points and toll booths of every social transaction, and ultimately every bodily function and need.