Friday, December 14, 2012

Obama Weeps Crocodile Tears

From the news today:

Barack Obama wiped away tears at the White House as he expressed grief over the children killed in the Connecticut massacre and promised "meaningful action" to prevent similar shooting rampages in the future.


Obama, speaking in the White House press room, said the loss of innocent lives had broken hearts. "As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it's an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago – these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children.


Just minutes earlier, he broke down while delivering the statement. He said: "The majority of those who died today were children – beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old." Choking up, tears welling in his eyes, he paused for what seemed like an interminable time, though it was only 10 seconds.

He went on: "They had their entire lives ahead of them – birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own." He then had to pause again.

From 2011:

Based on international and Pakistani news reports and research on the ground, the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism has issued a new study on civilians killed by American drones, concluding that at least 385 civilians have been killed in the past seven years, including at least 168 children.
Here’s a taste of the report, which can be read in full here (warning: graphic images):
Pakistani father Din Mohammad had the misfortune to live next door to militants in Danda Darpakhel, North Waziristan. His neighbours were reportedly part of the Haqqani Network, a group fighting US forces in nearby Afghanistan.
On September 8 2010, the CIA’s Reaper drones paid a visit. Hellfire missiles tore into the compound killing six alleged militants.
One of the Hellfires missed its target, and Din Mohammad’s house was hit. He survived. But his son, his two daughters and his nephew all died. His eldest boy had been a student at a Waziristan military cadet college. The other three children were all below school age.
An Obama administration official told ABC that these numbers are “way off the mark” — but, tellingly, did so on the condition of anonymity, meaning he or she will be protected from any accountability.

20 children were killed today in a horrific event in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. 

Barack Obama wept for those children in his address to the nation today.

How many children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia has Barack Obama killed as a result of drone strikes he's ordered?

What happened in Sandy Hook today is unspeakable.

So is U.S. drone policy.

Obama can spare us all the crocodile tears - he's got torrents of blood on his own hands.

Children's blood.


  1. They're not crocodile tears. They're real. They've got to be real. He really believes in all his bullshit. Nobody can be that good.

    As Matt Stoller tweeted: I'm so glad we picked a man to go on TV and feel bad sometimes.

  2. Amazing...jus' simply amazing. As a teacher nevertheless, to make a political statement at this juncture, speaks of a moral character issue, mental illness or demon possession.

    1. The mental illness, demon possession and moral character issue resides with a president who orders drone bomb strikes that kill innocent people - including children - and his supporters who refuse to acknowledge the extent and horror of his actions and policies.

      As for not making a political statement at this time, what do you think all the calls for gun control that people have made in the last 16 hours are?

      You, Mr. Walker, simply don't want a statement that makes you aware of hard facts made.

      Obama wept for those children that were murdered in that horrific act of violence.

      I weep for them too.

      I also weep for all the children who have died in drone bomb strikes Obama has ordered.

      Those children need to be wept for too.

      Obama certainly isn't weeping for them.

      Most Americans aren't.

      If you don't like those hard facts pointed out, well, too bad.

      They are the truth.

      Just ask the families of the dead children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere.

    2. Are we so politicized to the point that our 'politics' shape every action and reaction in our environment and world. exhortation and statement is proven even moreso in your reply. To reiterate, my question and statement is this...20 children died..were murdered in a most, heinous unexpected public venue...that is fact. That is the reality I see with this specific situation and it is a cause for us all, as Americans to pause, for folks such as myself to get on our knees and to pray for the families, for our country...for the very soul of this great nation. It seems to go against the very decency of humanity to think or do otherwise, in this very horrific moment in time. Is this not the same decency, the same respect, the same cry you are vigorously advocating for the dead children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere?

      Too add, RBE, you have declared, throughout your blog, what you feel, what you personally have deduced and/or concluded as 'fact'. Beginning with concluded and thus stated as fact that I do not want to face reality without knowing or researching me, at all. To clarify as fact, I am very suspicious of the timing of this tragedy...and as a legal gun owner and defender of this constitutional right...I do discern there is a plan and a movement that is somewhat diabolical as these tragedies progress. Here is what I don't rely guns or any other weapon or political bent or advocacy to protect me from what is happening around me, to this nation or what I see (too) as nation after nation move towards a 'different' world order. My reliance is upon the Creator and only Living God, who sacrificed HIS life for us all (Jesus Christ). Please know, beyond any conclusion or doubt...deduced or otherwise...that is the greatest reality I face everyday. Be Blessed and Be Well:-)

  3. Perdido:
    You said the thing that is difficult to say. You said the thing that is not media-produced commercialization of tragedy. The "timing" of saying these hard truths does not matter. Saying them DOES matter. Keep saying what you have been saying. It is obvious that it comes from the heart.

  4. Yeah I am going with RBE on this one. Obama has a strange way of coming around with his heartfelt notions at the oddest times. Chris Christie told us all to shut up when the Aurora lunatic killed a house full of moviegoers, that only people who agree to stand by in silence are truly worthy of our respect. We've been standing by in silence now through Gabbie Giffords, the Sikh Temple, the mall in Oregon, the Aurora theatre etc etc etc. Being quiet and respectful isn't working,. And waiting until the NRA decides it's o.k to discuss the runaway problem of assault weapons isn't working either. People need to sound off, NOW. f you want quiet go hang with the NRA, they'll give you exactly what you're looking for which is more of the same complicit silence that's got us to where we are now - mourning 20 babies and 6 adults. Congress has been respectfully silent on all of these killings, respectful to the desires of the NRA that is. Screw silence.

  5. p.s. have a look at Michael Walker's blog if you want a full explanation of his particular bent. very edifying..

  6. The lack of gun control is a political issue. There's no getting around that. Maybe Obama is feeling a little guilt right now because he didn't move sooner on addressing the issue. Who knows? And it is a fact that U.S. drones have killed dozens of chldren in other countries. I can't see why RBE is being attacked for merely pointing out the truth.

  7. The very tragic reality is that we need to own guns to protect ourselves from Obama, Bloomberg, Cuomo and many other corrupt corporate-owned political leaders. That is why our founding fathers in their wisdom granted their citizens the right to bear arms. It is now become a horrific that reality our government has now become a moderately fascist nanny state led by the 1% and not a democratic government. Without guns, our corrupt political leaders would seize greater power as the nation would become a completely corporate fascist regime. That is the tragic dilemma that we all face.

  8. Justice demands that an independent world tribunal carefully examine the evidence and judge those who ordered the deadly drone executions. Where the children and citizens targeted simply because of how they dressed? Were they profiled by an some highly inadequate standard? Or on the other hand, were they were killed accidentally because they were in the vicinity of terrorists and combatants? Justice demands that this judgment be done by an independent international legal body. Justice demands that we know the truth and that the use of drones should not be used indiscriminately on civilians. Napalm should not be used indiscriminately on civilians. Chemical weapons should not be used indiscriminately against civilians. Nuclear weapons should not be used indiscriminately against civilians. This should be and must the standard of international law. Certainly, drones should not be used as weapon of genocide. 385 civilians , 385,000 civilians , or 3,850,000 civilians.... It is the same act of genocide if it is done by profiling. If Obama is guilty , let justice prevail. If Obama is innocent, let justice prevail. What was done to insure that Afghan civilians were not killed by profiling? There must b a call for justice!