Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Fix Is In - Mulgrew Decides UFT Rank And File Cannot Vote On New Evaluation System

No surprise here - the Unity crowd said the UFT cannot cede power to its rank and file by allowing a membership-wide referendum after the new evaluation agreement is reached.

And so, Mike Mulgrew and his merry men and women at the Delegate's Assembly will make that decision for you.

You can be sure that whatever Mulgrew agrees to with the mayor will pass in the DA.

No matter how horrendous.

The fix is in, folks. 

They don't trust their ability to sell the new evaluation system to rank and file teachers and so instead they intend to push it through by fiat.

You can imagine how bad this evaluation system is going to be if they don't trust themselves to sell it in the schools.

No wonder they are thinking of delaying the UFT elections as well.

Between the Hurricane Sandy PD Day By Candlelight fiasco, the lost February days that didn't have to be, and now the APPR sell-out, the Unity and New Action cronies are a little worried they won't get the usual 88% of the vote in the elections.

If they keep adding outrages like the ones detailed above, they might actually have a real honest election on their hands.

Can you imagine that?

A real honest election in the UFT?

Hard to fathom - and yet, there is a reason Mulgrew and his merry men and women are afraid to throw the APPR agreement up to a system-wide referendum.

It's because they know they might not win that vote.

The UFT is an anti-democratic union.

Their message - it's anti-democratic to allow the rank and file membership a vote on the new evaluation system.

Don't we deserve better than this?


  1. It is anti-democratic to allow a democratic vote!!! I think that's an excellent way to sum up what happened last night!!!
    I wanted to stay away from commentary on my space (in that post anyway), but I just wanted to comment on one observation from last night. If I hand't seen all of tricks at work last night -tactics used to keep some members out of the meeting (like the awesome colleague I met who reminded me that, because he's an ATR, couldn't walk upstairs with me because he didn't have a delegate card) or that 'polite' way he addressed the MORE person who introduced the resolution, or the way Barr sniped "don't be fooled by this" when he was speaking as if to imply that this one little resolution somehow constituted a threat to their power, I wouldn't have believed it. I left angry (and I'm not an angry guy). I think my next blog might be called UFTnuts

    I honestly wouldn't have believed it. it reminds me of something a family member once told me as a kid; union politics are THE WORST type of politics there are.

  2. It is called Ka-Ching.(Shania Twain) Mulgrew and Weingarten have been paid off handsomely for this betrayal... and yes, they will sell you into slavery meaning the new evaluation system for the right amount of cold cash.

  3. How terrible for you NYC teachers. We Buffalo teachers are so thankful we have Phil Rumore to fight for us. You guys have to vote out those UFT turncoats!

  4. Mulgrew is most definitely a con artist. He will certainly sell us out on the evaluation system. He will fake us out with some pretended push back, but he will make a deal in the end. There is too much money and power at stake for him personally to act with integrity on this deal. The deal is a nightmare for all teachers.

  5. Randi can fly in and set up her concession stand if you need her she's really good at getting to "bend over" any time she is involved in negotiations. I am sick of her and of these neo liberal democrats who think they are going to get rich quick and go down in history as saving our schools.