Monday, July 7, 2014

Andrew Cuomo's Tea Party Pick For Lieutenant Governor Kept Under Wraps By The Cuomo Campaign

Fred Dicker in the NY Post:

Where in the world is former US Rep. Kathy Hochul?

The one-time Buffalo-area congresswoman known for her strong support of gun ownership rights and her fervid opposition to giving state privileges to illegal aliens has all but disappeared from public view since Gov. Cuomo picked her in May as his running mate for lieutenant governor.

Key state Democrats told The Post that Cuomo has ordered Hochul “kept under wraps,’’ in the words of one, to prevent her more conservative views from upending his re-election campaign among liberal New York City Democrats, especially Hispanics.

“No extended interviews, no press conferences, no TV or radio appearances, no nothing. It’s like she’s under lock and key,’’ said a senior elected Democrat.

Hochul, who received a top rating from the National Rifle Association when she ran for Congress and strongly opposed former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s efforts to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens when she was Erie County clerk, was chosen by Cuomo as part of his aggressive effort to win over Western New York voters.

But Hochul has granted virtually no in-depth interviews, has made only brief and superficial campaign appearances, and has been almost totally silent on her controversial past positions — including her declaration that she would have illegal aliens who sought driver’s licenses arrested.

“Try defending that position to Hispanics who support the state ‘Dream Act,’ ’’ said an elected New York City Democrat, referring to the Cuomo-backed legislation to spend $25 million on college assistance grants for illegals.

If there are any NYC liberals still in doubt that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo isn't our own version of a Tea Party governor, what say you to his pick for lieutenant governor, the woman who wanted to arrest any "illegal aliens who sought driver's licenses" and received a top rating from the NRA?

She's one step from the governor's mansion if anything happens to Cuomo.

What's worse, the Cuomo campaign doesn't even have the guts to own up to their lieutenant governor pick, so they keep her "under wraps" and hope nobody notices.

More pathetic bullshit from Andrew Cuomo and his merry men and women in Albany.

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