Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christine Quinn Looks For Commissionership In Second Cuomo Term

You just can't keep a corrupt politician down:

Astute political watchers noticed when former mayoral candidate Christine Quinn attended a recent women’s press conference at City Hall in support of Gov. Cuomo’s candidate for Lt. Governor, Kathy Hochul.

Quinn has been keeping a low profile since her primary loss to Bill de Blasio, who was able to carry the gay vote even though Quinn is an out and proud lesbian.

Sources say the former city council speaker is expecting a commissionership from Cuomo if, as expected, he is re-elected. But she has avoided campaigning in the gay community, where some activists still hold a grudge against her for not pushing the gay agenda hard enough.

What exactly would Christine Quinn do for Andrew Cuomo that he would give her a commissionership in his second term?

Connections to the crooks in real estate?

Cuomo's already got that.

Help in the gay comunity?

Cuomo already has high numbers in the gay community as a consequence of his pushing marriage equality - plus many in the gay community despise Chris Quinn, as the Post piece notes.

I get that Cuomo likes to surround himself with crooks and liars like Quinn, hatchet people who will do his bidding and are beholden to him.

So maybe that's what Cuomo gets out of hiring Quinn for his administration.

She'll fit right in with so many others there.

In any case, it would be nice if Quinn just went back to the rock she's been hiding under since the election and give new, fresh crooks a chance at politics.

Hey, maybe that's what Quinn can do for Andy?

You know, find him hiding places.

Because it seems after re-emerging yesterday to declare the Moreland Commission a "phenomenal success!", he went back into hiding today:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in New York City and the New York City “area” today with no public schedule. 
That must be it - Quinn will be hired for a second Cuomo administration and bring fresh ideas for places Sheriff Andy can hide in.

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  1. No sane women will work in the Cuomo admin. He's already lost Fran Reiter, Leecia Eves, Juanita Scarlette to name a few. They all jumped off the train wreck. When it comes to LGBT issues they have the most useless rep Erik Bottcher, he's the no substance pretty face who shows up to all events for the gov, does nothing, smiles and then never follows thru with anything.