Monday, September 29, 2014

Bill Gates Has Some Leadership Lessons For You

Lesson #1:

Only listen to yourself. No one else knows anything but you.

Lesson # 2:

Have more money than God so you don't have to listen to anybody else.

Lesson #3:

Be as ruthless in business as possible, stealing as many ideas as you can from others and crushing as many opponents as you can - buy ideas and opponents only when you have to - so that you can make more money than God and never have to listen to anybody but yourself.

Lesson # 4:

Take some of the money you made from being a ruthless cutthroat and go into "philanthropy," spreading the message far and wide what a good guy you are even though you really are nothing more than a selfish, self-centered self-absorbed jerk.

Lesson # 5:



  1. Gates is rich because he stole the idea from apple computer many years ago....the idea he stole from apple was the graphic interface where you just point and click with a "mouse". If we would have listened to gates we would still be using DOS commands for things......

  2. The same holds true for gates and his "educational" ideas. This man is a dinosaur and watch out for his dangerous ideas....Really truly speaking, microsoft is piece of crap software and now this moron thief wants to bring his brilliant ideas into the classroom!!! what a strange world people

    1. And now he's saying it's time for a common curricula all over the country, to go along with the common standards and common tests: