Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Birthday Gift For Andrew Cuomo From His Future Great Granddaughter

Matilda Sandra Lee Cuomo reflects on her great granddad's legacy, as a politician and great grandfather, on the occasion of his 57th birthday.  Matilda Sandra Lee Cuomo will be born in the year 2064 and currently resides in the ether of the universe.

On Dec. 6, my entire future family celebrated my future great granddad's 57th birthday together.  While I, alas, could not join them at the celebration, since I have not been born yet and won't actually exist until 2064, I was fortunate to celebrate my future great granddad's legacy here in the ether of the universe where all matter exists before it actually exists.

The admiration that the not-yet-born have for my future great gandfather, Andrew Cuomo, is so profound that it cannot be overstated. Just the other day as we were having our traditional Sunday sausage and meatballs with pasta dinner, many of my fellow yet unborns expressed their wonder at how Governor Cuomo (D) could have won re-election by an extraordinary 13 percentage points when so many other Democrats across the country went down to defeat this year.  I chalked up his historic victory to his common sense approach to governing that saw him champion legislation that included provisions to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and potentially dangerous mental health patients, and ban high capacity magazines and assault weapons, yet still respect the first amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and law enforcement officers.  In addition, I said that my future great grandfather's promoting marriage equality for LGBT people both born and unborn shows the great humanity that exists in this man.  All of this comes on top of all the on-time budgets he has gotten the past four years after years and years of gridlock and paralysis in Albany. He truly is one of the greatest visionaries of both his time and any time and the voters of New York State have clearly demonstrated they know this by giving this Dem an historic victory in a year when most Democrats lost their elections.

But my future great granddad isn't just the most effective and best governor the State of New York has ever seen - he's also the best future great grandfather any unborn could ever have. Somehow he manages to handle each natural disaster that befalls New York, from seven feet of lake effect snow falling on Buffalo to flooding from the superstorms and hurricanes that come from a Global Warming my great granddad is wise enough to know is not human-caused, yet still deal with all the dramas his family members, both born and unborn, contend with.  His guardian angel, Clarence Percoco, says only an extraordinary man, a governor of historic gifts, could handle all of these challenges, while still remaining true to himself and his guiding principles.  Clarence Percoco also says if anybody doesn't believe that, he'll come around to have a discussion with said unbeliever and make sure they undergo a change of opinion.

In any case, I wanted to take this opportunity, 50 years before I'm actually born, to express my admiration and love for the man who is not only the best governor that New York State has ever had, he's also the best husband, father, uncle, future granddad and future great granddad that any family could have.  Happy birthday, great grandfather, and may you have many more so that both the Cuomo/Lee Family and the Family of New York can enjoy your wisdom, leadership and guidance for decades to come!

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