Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cuomo And Tisch Are Accelerating The Attacks On Teachers And Schools

Michael Fiorillo notes in this comment that the attacks against teachers and schools are being synchronized with the Common Core tests that were rigged to have 70% of students statewide fail to hit "proficiency":

It's also being timed to accompany the skyrocketing failure rates on the new Common Core exams.

Teachers should realize that we're are in a temporary lull right now, but that the attacks will begin to intensify next year, with teachers and schools targeted as "failing" in accelerating numbers.

What will it be, NYC teachers? Self-respect and professional autonomy based on resistance to these vicious policies and the people who push them (including our union misleaders), or passive, willing acceptance of an ever-tightening noose?

As I posted earlier, they're going to set an arbitrary benchmark for "ineffective" ratings in every district (looks like 5%) and punish districts that don't hit the benchmark.

Cuomo said he wants a "competitive" evaluation system and that's certainly what you're going to get with a benchmark of 5% or higher.

It's Survivor for Teachers, Cuomo and Tisch Edition.

Can you survive this round of Danielson drive-by's?

Can you not get voted off the island this school year?


  1. So let's take a moment to reflect, shall we?

    1. There's going to be a purge of all the "ineffective teachers?" OK, fine. What about due process rights? What about past APPR performance? That's all going to magically disappear? I doubt it and Tisch and Cuomo better get ready for the huge number of lawsuits. Make no mistake, there will be lawsuits and THEN SOME!

    2. So where are you going to find proven, new teachers, huh? The numb nuts in Albany are clueless. They condemn the current teaching force yet, they are obviously unaware of the coming massive shortage of teachers. Yes, it is coming just in time for all the firings. Who are they going to enlist, TFA (Teach For America) recruits? That will work, right?

    3. I am perfectly fine with watching Tisch thrown under the bus. Now that King is gone, just wait. Tisch will be front and center. The Regents are also going to be exposed. All are guilty for allowing this to happen.

    4. What will become of NYSUT, UFT and AFT leadership when their membership FINALLY AWAKENS to find that they have been sold out. That's right: Randi, Mike and Kathy are all shills for the march to privatize public school education. These folks ARE NOT serving their members in an above-board manner. It'll be very interesting to see what happens once these individuals are finally exposed.

    5. Hillary better wise-up and fast. Her boy Andy is about to push the nuclear-option button in NY with labor unions. If that happens, it's going to force folks to abandon traditional voting for the blue/red parties. As we saw in the recent NY election debacle, Cuomo ONLY achieved a 53% portion of those voting (dems and repubs). Imagine if NYS doesn't stay blue and instead splits the vote into a progressive green party candidate? This could happen if enough people equate Hillary with Cuomo.

    6. Finally, would someone PLEASE wake up the Moreland Commission investigation and get on with it. Either they have something or, they don't. What are they waiting for?

  2. Wasn't Moreland discontinued by Cuomo? As for #1 in the above comment, the union agreed only a certain percentage of teachers would have the right to grieve the evaluation. So do t expect our union to fight for you or anyone else unless they think they can win the case. Any lawsuit will have to come out of your own pocket. What I would love to see is a class action suit by teachers against both the aft and UFT for not representing teachers.