Friday, December 19, 2014

Governor Cuomo's Job Approval Rating In Latest Siena Poll: 42% Approve, 57% Disapprove

Capital Confidential led with Cuomo's "favorability" rating when they wrote up the story about the latest Siena poll today (it is 58%), but they should have led with his job approval rating.

Here are the job approval numbers:

How would you rate the job Andrew Cuomo is doing as Governor?

Excellent - 7%
Good - 35%
Fair - 40%
Poor - 17%
Don't Know - 1%

The way these polls get analyzed, excellent and good become the "approval" number, fair and poor become the "disapproval" number.

Take a look at those approval numbers for Cuomo just six weeks after he won re-election with 54% of the vote.

He's underwater in approval by 15%.

Cuomo released a letter from one of his hacks yesterday to NYSED Commissioner King and Regents Chancellor Tisch that has such a wide-ranging agenda, he'd need to have 80%+ approval to ram that through.

But the reality is, he's got a 42% approval rating.

This is an unpopular governor with an unpopular agenda.

He CAN be beaten when he tries to ram through his education reform agenda next year.

He's at 42% approval.