Sunday, April 5, 2015

Save The Date: Andrew Cuomo, Campbell Brown To Raise Money For Success Academies at Cipriani on Monday April 20, 2015

In case you haven't gotten your tickets already:

Monday, April 20, 2015 Success Academy Charter Schools
Third Annual Spring Benefit.   6:30 pm.   Cocktails and dinner.   Business attire.   Honoring Eli Broad.   Chaired by Campbell Brown, Joel Greenblatt, Daniel S. Loeb, John Scully, Regina Scully.   Tickets from $1,250.00.   Tables from $15,000.00.   Cipriani 42nd Street.   New York.   Contact: Julianna Harder.   (212) 245-6570.   Event address: 110 East 42nd Street, New York.   Event web address:  

More incentive to attend:

CUOMO TO HEADLINE SUCCESS ACADEMY BENEFIT—Capital’s Eliza Shapiro: Governor Andrew Cuomo will be the keynote speaker at Success Academy's annual spring benefit this April, according to an invite sent to Success employees this weekend. Cuomo and Success C.E.O. Eva Moskowitz officially became allies last winter, when Cuomo stepped into a battle between Moskowitz and Mayor Bill de Blasio, declaring he would ‘save charter schools’ at a massive Albany rally partially organized by Success. The event will be held April 20 at Cipriani 42nd Street in Manhattan, and will be co-chaired by Success board members Campbell Brown, Daniel Loeb, Joel Greenblatt, and Regina and John Scully.

NY Teacher has a suggestion:

Don't forget, Cuomo was scheduled to speak at the Success Academy Charter Schools Spring Benefit on April 20th; 6:30 pm at Cipriani (42nd St). If he does attend it would be a great place to demo/rally/press.

So does Norm Scott:

A massive protest in front of Ciprianis would be an appropriate response.

Seems like a great opportunity to all at once let Eva Moskowitz, her hedge fund supporters, Campbell Brown and Andrew Cuomo know what you think of them and their "reforms."


  1. I have not been able to get a PDF of the invitation to see who is listed on it. I specifically want to know if Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan is going and if he is speaking. I also want to know which other state legislators are going. If anyone can answer any of these questions definitively, please do. Thanks.

  2. Of course, I haven't kept count and the number may be in the hundreds for all I know, shucks, but I believe that our governor has been invited many times to stop by any public school classroom in the state and to say a "Howdy, y'all."

    Anyone know whether a public school classroom has had the sheer power and glory of the governor's presence during the last year?

  3. Can't think of ANY dinner that's worth $1,250.00 or any restaurant where I'd want to pay $15,000 for a table.

    That said, sure seems as if the power and the money is NOT behind our public schools. I can't think of any of the students or their parents in MY school n the South Bronx that would be able to attend this dinner at Cipriani's.

    Why are we even funding charter schools thorough our tax money? Seems as if the Guv, Moskowitz, and the rest of that ilk have enough dough to fund their schools on their own.

    Too bad the public doesn't seem to know about these things, and worse, I don't think they even care. Until it's too late.....

  4. From this Masterplanner link:

    Event History
    Monday, April 20, 2015
    Success Academy Charter Schools
    Third Annual Spring Benefit. 6:30 pm. Cocktails and dinner. Business attire. Honoring Eli Broad. Chaired by Campbell Brown, Joel Greenblatt, Daniel S. Loeb, John Scully, Regina Scully. Tickets from $1,250.00. Tables from $15,000.00. Cipriani 42nd Street. New York. Contact: Julianna Harder. (212) 245-6570. Event address: 110 East 42nd Street, New York. Event web address:

    Sure beats our schools Tuesday pizza sales as a fundraiser.

    There is a follow up Spring Benefit on 4/28 as well. Don't know about the governor. Wouldn't be surprised if he is scared off and sends one of his infamous video presentations ala Picket in the Pines last spring.

    1. Its probably worth giving Juliana a call to make sure that Andy is still on the schedule. He may feel compelled to show just to reassure them about his charter cap promises that didn't make into the budget.

  5. NYSUT must mobilize against this event. This is a war on the middle class, plain and simple.


  6. Turn over the tables before the pigs get to the event. Time to take things to the streets and make things ugly for the 1%. Andy boy is off in the Caribbean...flown there on a tax advantaged private jets and sailing around on a tax advantaged private yacht while kids in needy schools got the shaft again in this year's budget. OCCUPY and OPT OUT--time to throw some sand into the machinery of the state. That machinery is not working on behalf of most NY residents!

  7. American residents, not just NY.

  8. It would have been nice if NYSUT had not essentially gone into hiding after Tuesday night's rout. Something along the lines of "we won't forget your betrayal" issued to the creeps who threw all of us under the bus would have been nice. I know that my local president is ready to stage a coup the next time Magee and Pallotta come up for election. Pallotta especially is useless.

  9. I wonder if Mulgrewssolini will be there too..

  10. Anyone who is around this Tues eve April 7 at 6PM - another Cuomo 15G fundraiser on park Av:
    Got $15 Grand? Join MOREs - Rally at Cuomo Fundraiser Tuesday April 7 @6PM - 320 Park Av (50-51St)
    Hey - looking for a fun evening with some fellow merry makers? Cuomo is the most hated man in NY State.

    MORE got a call from a local union president outside NYC (naturally) to see if we're interested. Even with a lot of people out of town we're game to go up there and have some fun. (I know, I know - it is blowing off some steam -- but why the hell not?)

    Join us in Facebook:

    Let’s have a Conversation with Cuomo!
    Come to a Rally this Tuesday to greet Cuomo and his friends-

    Dinner and Conversation Fundraiser for Andrew Cuomo
    When: Tuesday, April 7 at 6:00pm
    Where: 320 Park Ave. NYC (Between 50 & 51st Sts.)
    Why: To get more money from his friends - $15,000 a ticket so he can do more harm to our schools!

    We’ll be giving out free tickets. They may not get you into Cuomo’s event, but you can attend ours! Arrive by 6:00pm, bring your favorite signs and dress up as your favorite hedgefund celebrity!

    We need to keep the fight against the corporate assault on public education strong. We must let our elected officials who “voted YES with a heavy heart” for Cuomo’s budget know that they did the wrong thing!
    Come on out on Tuesday!

  11. He'll also be fundraising at Yankee Stadium & a Billy Joel Concert

  12. At Cipriani's -the place that held out for years against hiring women waiters.

  13. Great read, really enjoyed reading this! I have recently discovered the amazing work that Listen Call Centre do. They have helped raise over £150 million on behalf of charities!