Monday, July 27, 2015

Chris Christie's Full Of Crap When He Says He's Getting Rid Of Common Core In New Jersey

Another day, more jive from Chris Christie.

In May, the New Jersey governor running for president in the heavily anti-Common Core Republican Party, said this:

 The governor, speaking at Burlington County College in Pemberton, declared Common Core is "simply not working." Christie wants to assemble a team to develop a state-based group to develop "new standards right here in New Jersey, not 200 miles away on the banks of the Potomac River."


"It's now been five years since Common Core was adopted and the truth is that it's simply not working," Christie said.

"It has brought only confusion and frustration to our parents and has brought distance between our teachers and the communities where they work," he said. "Instead of solving problems in our classrooms, it is creating new ones."

About those "new standards" Christie's going to have implemented?

They're going to look a lot like the old ones:

The department announced earlier this month that it will establish a 23-member committee to oversee the Common Core review process and make final recommendations, as ordered by Gov. Chris Christie. Three subcommittees will review the math and English/language arts standards, which outline what skills students should master in grades K-12.

Any teacher can apply for the committees that review the standards, but only teachers nominated by their district can sit on the committee that makes final recommendations, according to the state.

The committees will also consist of parents, school board members, administrators, educational experts and business and industry representatives. For questions about how to apply, contact


Department of Education officials have said the review is intended as an opportunity to build on the existing standards through clarification, addition and omission.

"We will not be tearing down and starting over," Assistant Education Commissioner Kimberly Harrington said on July 8. 

Let's see, a committee that makes final "recommendations" to the state education department which has already said that this is an exercise in building on the existing standards, "not tearing down and starting over."

That's not getting rid of Common Core in New Jersey.

That's creating an exercise in making it look like you're getting rid of Common Core in New Jersey while not really getting rid of Common Core.

I guess it's just as well since even though Christie said it was time to "move on" from the Common Core in New Jersey, he didn't think it was time to move on from the Common Core state tests, which are still going to be given.


  1. Prior to Common Core, NJ had excellent standards. I am an ESL teacher and ESL standards are sorely lacking from Common Core. Teaching ESL is separate and distinct from ELA. This is not rocket science David Coleman. Oh I forgot David Coleman does not give a shit about how anybody feels and for that matter neither does Chris Christie.

    Abigail Shure

  2. Chris Christie needs to lose more weight. He is carrying tooucj baggage. We would welcome the sight of Chris Christie and Mary Todd Christie jogging on the boardwalk at Atlantic City, however there is always the Big But.... The Big Butt interferes with Christie' s nuanced narrative of being for the little guy. The Big Butt suggests otherwise..,,

    1. Too much baggage..... (Correction)

  3. This is coming from someone who at a townhall meeting told a teacher with 30 years of experience who said she should be paid for her experience, he remarks, "I don't need anyone with 30 years experience. "

    1. I want to add, "Chris Christie we don't need your experience. We can vote for someone with less experience. It will be more cost effective and the newbie will hit the ground running. Unlike your fat , over-experienced,over-priced ass. "

  4. BLABBERMOUTH!!! 'nuff said?