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Perdido 03

Friday, May 6, 2016

Flanagan Suggests De Blasio Should Lose Mayoral Control Of The School System

From the NY Times:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s prospects of getting the Legislature to renew his control of New York City’s schools were thrown into doubt on Thursday, when the leader of the State Senate issued a statement harshly criticizing Mr. de Blasio’s performance at a hearing on the issue.

“Too often, the mayor showed a disturbing lack of personal knowledge about the city schools,” the Senate majority leader, John J. Flanagan, a Long Island Republican, said in a statement. “In addition, he has left too many unanswered questions and failed to provide specifics on many of the issues raised by my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.”

“Until that occurs,” Mr. Flanagan added, “I will not entrust this mayor with the awesome responsibility of operating the New York City school system.”

According to the Times, de Blasio was asked a question about our back pay which he did not have a ready answer for.

That, along with the political animus state Senate Republicans have for de Blasio, may be the underlying rationale for the letter from Flanagan yesterday, which the Times described as a "sneak attack" since there were few fireworks at the hearing in Albany between de Blasio and state Senate Republicans.

In any case, before you get excited thinking de Blasio will lose mayoral control of schools and Farina's going to be shown the door the way she has her administrators showing the door to veteran teachers, understand that John Flanagan takes a lot of money from the ed deform lobby, including StudentsFirstNY.

Whatever scheme Flanagan and Cuomo cook up to replace mayoral control (or even tweak it), it will not be to our benefit but rather be some kind of change that benefits the charter school sector and Eva Moskowitz in particular.


  1. Wow what corruption in our political system. Again, bloomberg knew nothing about public education except how to destroy it and the albany politicians kissed up to bloomy no matter what including giving him chancellors like klein and the infamous kathy black. Now, diblasio on the other hand is get the raw treatment from the same politicians who allowed kathy black to be chancellor of nyc schools. Wow, corruption is rampant and has been really exposed with donald trump telling it like it really is behind the scenes with our famous politicians. wow

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  2. So great that you are once again informing regarding the major issues in education. I agree with your analysis and that the evil doers are up to no good. However, DeBlasio and Farina have provided the opposition to public education with a plethora of issues in their administration of the system

    1. Not informing on ed issues. Informing only on scandals - and since Flanagan says de Blasio is scandal plagued, that gets covered.

      Not an ed blog anymore - and as soon as the scandals get pretty much resolved, it gets shut down again.

      Sorry, I'm not interested in doing ed issues any longer. Plenty of good blogs for that in any case.

  3. No one person should have control of the schools. Blomberg did terrible damage and DeBlasio has made it worse. The schools are dangerous.

  4. Mayoral control has only brought flagrant mismanagement of the NYC schools.

    1. The changes that have made things much worse have come at the state level - APPR, for example. Mayoral control makes that even worse. But NYSED deserves much blame too.

  5. As mentioned, the ed-deformers were all for mayoral control when Bloomberg was in office. Now they want to take it away from good old Bill. As soon as a new ed-deform mayor gets back in office Albany will grant another mayoral extension of school governance.

    1. Yup. Hakeem Jeffries? Ruben Diaz Jr? Eva Moskowitz?

      All deserve mayoral control.

      You'll hear that very arfument from Flanagan in a year or two.

  6. That's a lousy reason to leave him in charge. I would rate him Ineffective for 2 years in row. This is his 3020a hearing and he has to prove himself. From cellphones to restorative justice, he's totally clueless. He's done nothing to reverse the damage done by Bloomberg. Call Senator Terrence Murphy, 914- 962-2624 and let him know what you think.

    1. Didn't say I want him in charge. Just pointing out that if/when changes come via Flanagan and Cuomo, they will not be ones you like.

    2. How much worse can it get? I nearly walked out the door of the hellhole I work in three times today. Bloomberg was abysmal, DeBlasio worse - so any puppet from Cuomo or Flanngan is not going to persuade me to say let DeBlasio stay. His days are numbered anyway. Is he standing up for teachers, ATRs or new teachers? No. All are targeted. Mulgrew loves him and tells us everything is much better. Bullshit, Bullshit, and Bullshit. I'm calling Murphy Monday morning.

    3. Given the erosion of the union's power and the contract, another Bloomberg type could charterize whole swaths of the system. How about the entire Bronx, outside of a few schools charterized? Eva given 150 or more schools to run? How'd you like to have the next mayor come in and decide salary schedules are passe and the only way to get a raise is via merit pay?

      Those are just some of the "worse" options.

      Again, that doesn't make what's happening now right or tolerable.

      But if you think this is bottom, then you're not paying attention to other places like Detroit, Chicago, Philly or Boston.

    4. I am. Some of it will happen here, but I can't say let DeBlasio continue to drive in the fast-lane with his eyes closed, with me in the back seat. It's time to pull the car over and get another driver. There's no other choice. What ifs are not reasonable when he's ruining students lives by letting them run wild, where teachers are afraid and can't teach. And he's not even aware of it. As for the union, vote Mulgrew and Unity out.

    5. "We have no choice"?

      You think you have a choice?


      No one gives a shit what you or I think or want.

      You know that.

      The powers that be will engineer what they want, absent a massive uprising a la Chicago, which ain't happening here.

      And even with a Chicago kinda uprising, the powers that be STILL get what they want, mostly.

      Welcome to the End Of Empire, U.S edition.

    6. I didn't say "we have no other choice ", I said "there is no other choice". By that I mean we (as a society and as individually) are gradually capitulating, turning a blind eye, biting our tongue, lying to ourselves, saying nothing and trading away our rights until we have Biff's (or Trump's?) alternate reality from Back to the Future 2. Letting DeBlasio remain is more of the same. Every period, every day I have to fight for what's right as a civilized person and a teacher. I'm not giving DeBlasio a pass.

    7. Don't worry, you won't have to remove de Blasio from the driver's seat - the U.S. attorney and Manhattan D.A. are going to do it for you, either with an arrest or investigations that are so damaging he's finished politically.

      So no worries - you'll get what you want.

    8. I had hope for him- he's a likable person. It's just plain depressing and sad. Maybe it's time for me to leave as well, I really can't take it anymore. Thanks for the discussion, you're a great writer.

  7. That is not the point. We will have mayors that teachers like and mayors that teachers will not like. It does not matter if you as a teacher like DeBlasio or even Bloomberg. What matters is that Albany needs to make up it's mind on if they want permanent mayoral control. Changing who is in charge of NYC schools every few years is stupid and a waste of time. There will be mayors that Albany likes and there will be mayors that Albany will not like. The point is to to put the power in place in either the mayor or the DOE otherwise flip flopping will be going on forever.

    1. I am opposed to autocratic control. So mayoral control, not so much. De Blasio has been no better than Bloomberg, in some ways worse. Since Mulgrew thinks he's co-chancellor, nobody pushes back on Farina's nonsense.

  8. I added my two cents at ICEUFT blog.

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