Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Closing In On De Blasio

From the NY Times:

Three New York Police Department commanders were arrested on Monday, along with a Brooklyn businessman, on federal corruption charges linked to one of several continuing investigations into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign fund-raising.

The arrests were one of the most significant roundups of police supervisors in the recent history of the department — a deputy chief and a deputy inspector accused of accepting expensive gifts from two politically connected businessmen who prosecutors say were seeking illicit favors from the police.

In court papers unsealed on Monday, federal agents describe how the two men, who are at the center of one of the City Hall fund-raising inquiries, showered gifts on senior police officials: jewelry for the police inspector’s wife; a video game system for the chief’s children; tickets to Brooklyn Nets games; hotel rooms in Rome and Chicago; even a private-jet flight to Las Vegas, with a prostitute on board.

The police officers arrested on Monday were Deputy Chief Michael J. Harrington, 50; Deputy Inspector James M. Grant, 43; and Sgt. David Villanueva, 42, who was charged in a separate but related scheme involving gun licenses. The businessman arrested was Jeremiah Reichberg, 42, of Borough Park, Brooklyn.

The other businessman, Jona S. Rechnitz, 33, has pleaded guilty and has provided information in the police case and in at least one of the fund-raising investigations focused on Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, and his inner circle, according to several people familiar with the case.

Let's repeat that last part:

The other businessman, Jona S. Rechnitz, 33, has pleaded guilty and has provided information in the police case and in at least one of the fund-raising investigations focused on Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, and his inner circle, according to several people familiar with the case.

Bharara said yesterday “there is no allegation that has anything to do with the mayor anywhere” in the court documents.

But the news that Rechnitz is providing information in the case against the cops and at least one of the cases focused on de Blasio suggests it is only a matter of time before some of the people around de Blasio - and perhaps de Blasio himself - have their own day in court.


  1. When is Cuomo's turn? If Cuomo isn't indicted, we will know that the process is corrupt. Just like Hillary. Protected by Obama and Company, or should we say Obama and Corporate.

    1. Biden just made another appearance w/ Cuomo. That's a sign that no indictment of Cuomo is forthcoming.

  2. Cuomo has even more power now. Not good.

  3. This corruption has been going on for years and years and everyone reading this post would agree. So, my question is why now? People like Cuomo, Bloomberg, Guiliani, the Clintons....all corrupt people who have been hosing the public for decades. So again, the question is why now? And if thats the case why don't we go back into the bloomberg years and look at what went on there....... I believe if anyone actually took the time to investigate the bloomberg years they would fall off the chair in disbelief because bloomberg is the most corrupt human being on the planet yet midget mike skated.

  4. Re-open the Bloomberg technology corruption that was ignored by Cyris Vance.

  5. Why now? Really good question.
    Hmmm, Elizabeth Warren, touted to be a progressive has shown her true colors. She sure wasn't going to endorse Sanders while she was waiting in the wings to be the VP choice.
    One big fat corrupt sick nation. Not an iota of human in this corporate land. Wait to see what's in store for us if we keep dreaming on. See Elysium with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.
    The writing is on the wall.

  6. ...Warren was the American Indian (to get into Harvard) who lied about the whole thing....white trash indeed...

  7. Warren is Randi's new best friend. Cuomo has done everything DeBlasio is being accused of - the only thing is DeBlasio is incredibly stupid.

  8. Cuomo destroys emails and lies.

  9. Warren was Pocahantas pn her Harvard application essay. It was a compelling but highly improbable narrative.

  10. But I find it difficult to believe that DeB screwed up REALLY bad...and like who wants to cripple the city unless its REALLY bad...? Cuomo is a bigger fish...

    1. Cuomo is safe as houses. Preet won't touch him. When Hildebeast gets thrown off the ticket, uncle joe is picking cuomigula as running mate.

  11. But corrupt PD Chiefs is really bad....they deserve the book thrown at them. J. Q. Public gets peppered with tickets, moving violations, camera tickets, etc., etc,..and generally lives in fear of police...but,rich diamond merchants have their own private police force, while the Police Chief is getting blow jobs in private jets at the Super that's bad.

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  13. Not to veer away from our education comment section but related with regards to the supreme court decision to block shady Obamas amnesty for illegal immigrants there is one really, really interesting point to note. The supreme court ruled 4-4 deadlock similar to the deadlock when the court ruled 4-4 in the case of paying union dues. The interesting thing in the illegal immigrants ruling is that amazing enough, 4 justices voted for illegal immigrants to be able to break the law and stay backing the executive order from obama. How is it that the supreme court was tied 4-4?? It clearly should have been 8-0!!!! THe law in this case put forth to the supreme court is as clear as a bell!!! Yet, 4 justices voted to "break" the law and keep these illegals here. Just another example of how corrupt of a society we actually are living in where even the supreme court is making decisions based on politics. So sad and really scary for us educators as the validity of law basically means nothing these days.

  14. Deregulating Big Media...and Wall St..
    set the table for present day America

  15. @2:04pm Bill Clinton's work:
    1. DIsmantling of Glass-Steagal.
    2. Laws governing tax credits for contributors to charter schools too.
    3. NAFTA.
    4. Incarceration. Gotta lot to look to Clinton for.

  16. Absolutely...So don't vote for Clinton III

  17. Sounds really plausible


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