Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Brexit Redux

Dem elites and Clinton shills are already taking aim at Sanders people or Greens, blaming Trump's victory on them.

As usual with the elites and their functionaries, they miss the truth.

This is Brexit Redux:

And just so we can get the "The Greens did this!" bullshit out of the way:

Clinton shills did a lot of mocking this year, first the Sanders people during the primary, then the Trump supporters during the general.

One thing Clinton and her shills never did - try and understand the real pain and terror many in this country feel over their economic futures.

A lot of those people sent a big "Fuck You!" to the elites last night, though I think that will come back to bite them in the end.

A Republican president with a Republican Senate and a Republican House is going to do a lot of damage in the short term.

Add in all the crazies Trump is sure to bring along - Rudy, Christie, maybe Palin - and it's even worse.

As for the Supreme Court, that strategy Obama pursued doesn't look so hot now either - the chance to transform the Supreme Court is now lost to Dems.

Remember that union case that ended up 4-4 after Scalia died?

You can bet another case like that one is going to rear sooner rather than later and those automatic dues the union elites lap up will go out the window with Clinton's electoral map to victory.

It's going to be a very tough few years.

The "Fuck you!" sent last night, as with the one the British sent with Brexit, is going to be a costly one in the end.

But I blame Dem elites for this mess - this loss is squarely on HRC and her neoliberal cohorts.

This ought to be a wake-up call to Dem elites that neoliberalism must go and the party needs to embrace a true populist agenda.

But I'm under no illusions that Dem elites will learn the correct lessons from this.

They'll continue with the elite circle jerk and furiously blame "Bernie Bros" or Greens or "deplorables" instead of looking into the mirror and saying "Why have we embraced neo-liberalism, bringing about the de-industrialization of the country, the financialization of the economy and Trump to the White House?"


  1. I don't think it's "Brexit Redux," but "Brexit multiplied exponentially."

    See Thomas Frank's article in today's Guardian if you want to know why this happened. He's been warning the Democratic elites for years about this, and it has finally come to pass, with a literal vengeance.

  2. The question now is what happens to our nyc public schools?? Trump is a new yorker and deals with many unions in the construction industry so he will be a friend to the UFT, yes?

    1. Absolutely not a friend of public school education, educators or inner city kids. Imagine Ben Carson as Education Secretary. He is brain surgeon and the removal of the UFT is a no brainer for Republicans.

  3. Thank you for Perdido for putting this out there. Thank you Michael F. for steering us to Thomas Frank's article in the Guardian. Important to pass the article on to all in your circle.

  4. Map showing how millennials across the country voted!

    1. millennials are fregan morons and the future of this country is in the hands of confused, cell phone dysfunctional people who are stupid and do not realize how this country was built as all they know are their phones and apps....please give me a break

  5. A select few dispassionate observers noted months ago that Trump shocked the media elites by building popular support and then dispatching 12 primary opponents (some of whom were respected party insiders with impressive resumes), so it was more likely than not he would do the same with opponent number 13. And shock the media again - notwithstanding the media's fantastical and desperate Trump=Fascism construct.

    Sometimes it is just that simple (and seems so simple in hindsight).

    Of course the reasons for voting Trump (and not voting Hillary) vary and may require more nuanced analysis.

  6. Sadly, Clinton getting elected was our best hope for getting Cuomo out of NY (via a cabinet position). That was reason enough to vote for her.

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