Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Andrew Cuomo Wants To Disband The Moreland Commission To Hide His Own Corruption

Just as Sheriff Andy Cuomo disbanded the Committee To Save New York PAC rather than have to reveal who his corporate donors were, he is planning to disband his vaunted anti-corruption commission now that it has been revealed that he put the kibbosh on their investigating his own campaign donations:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Moreland Act Commission is discussing the possibility of disbanding after recommending that a constitutional amendment be offered to voters to allow for public financing of state political campaigns, according to people briefed on the option.

"I'm definitely hearing that the commission is considering addressing public financing in a constitutional amendment, putting it off into the far future," said Karen Scharff, executive director of the good- government group Citizen Action.

Without revealing her sources, Scharff said she has gathered the information from people close to the commission. Citizen Action is one of several organizations keenly interested in the Moreland Commission's activities, hoping it will use its unique investigative muscle to unearth even more malfeasance within state government and force the Legislature to adopt campaign finance reforms.
Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause, said she has heard the same things that Scharff heard from "credible sources" and shared the desire to see the panel remain in existence. "Kicking the issue down the road isn't addressing the urgent need right now," Lerner said. "We have a recurring problem."
A person close to the administration said officials advising Cuomo have been trying to find a way out of using the Moreland Commission, which has drawn criticism in part because of its heavy representation of elected officials who raise funds from lobbyists and influential special interest groups.
So far, the commission's attempts to explore lawmakers' business activities has not gone well, and has prompted legal threats from the Legislature. And reports that the commission has scuttled probes of Cuomo's donors has suggested division within the 25-member group.

You can bet the real reason why Sheriff Andy wants the commission shut down has less to do with legislature intransigence and more to do with the reports that the commission "scuttled probes" into Cuomo's donors.

As with his shutting down of CSNY so that he wouldn't have to reveal who gave money to him, Cuomo likes to keep where he's getting his money from a big secret.

You have to wonder just how bad the criminality must be that Cuomo is willing to shut down his vaunted Moreland Commission just to hide it.


  1. This is a very important discussion and suggestion regarding mobilizing against Cuomo.

    His next electoral (just around the corner in '62) standing must be seriously weakened.
    A Cuomo presidency might actually be more destructive than the Obama/Duncan record.

    We need to make oppo research against Andrew Cuomo over the next few months.

    1. I don't think he'll get elected president. I don't think he'll win the nomination. The Daily Kossacks, happy to carry water for their beloved Obama, have already turned on him:

      And this corruption thing in Albany is now an albatross around his neck. He was looking for the Moreland Commission to give him the juice to run as a reformer of Albany. But if he shuts the thing down to keep the lid on his own campaign donor cesspool, well, you can bet that will follow him onto the national stage.

      I worry less and less about Sheriff Andy going any higher than where he already is. And there are enough knives out for him up in Albany that we may just get to see him get really embroiled in scandal. We'll see...