Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Common Core Madness - It's Time To Take Down Cuomo Over This Too

A teacher leaves a comment on the Poughkeespie Journal story about NYSED Commissioner King canceling his Common Core town hall tour after he got beaten up on Thursday by parents angy over the state's reforms:

It's about time the facts about Common Core have come to light. I'm all for educational reform ... it should be an on-going endeavor by every district in the state. But this national-wide, whole-sale upset of tried and true educational practices for pie-in-the-sky, untested, ill-conceived curriculum modifications is madness.

The so-called experts in charge of the Common Core assault are hell-bent on wresting local control from district officers ... and replacing that control with state and federal over-seers. Hardly a prescription to bolster any sort of confidence.

I'm glad that Commissioner King's shallow yelp for total submission to Common Core was challenged by the parents ... who were there to protect their children from maniac testing and intrusive data collection.

Inspect the curriculum offerings of Common Core ... they'll spin your head like a top. They were obviously crafted by people devoid of classroom experience ... people who have zero understanding of the term "age appropriate" when it comes to devising meaningful curriculum adjustments for young learners.

I spent a lifetime as a public school history and economics teacher ... and I have to tell you all ... this is a disgrace. If I were to follow these prescriptions I'd be swallowed by angry parents and tortured by justified students.

Governor Cuomo had better wake yup and smell the coffee ... or his credibility as a governmental leader will not go on without permanent bruises.

Succinctly hits all the right points - this is about top-down control, this has been developed and pushed by people with little or no classroom experience, parents are outraged over much of the reform agenda and are ready to take that out on Commissioner King and his merry reformers at SED and perhaps Governor Cuomo if he backs his SED Commissioner in this fight.

In fact, the commenter brings up a great point.

We need to start tying King to Cuomo in this fight.

This is his education reform agenda as well as John King's.

It's time to take down two authoritarians instead of just one.


  1. King, Tisch and Cuomo. An unholy trinity ripe for reckoning. Amen brother.

  2. Check out Rachel Monaghan's story in the daily news about charters not having to use the new evaluation system and his weak response, more fuel for the fire.