Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cory Booker Frightened He's Going To Lose Senate Race

Two stories make me think Newark Mayor Cory Booker is worried he might lose his Senate race or barely squeak out a victory in what was supposed to be a huge blowout.

First, Booker's opponent released an internal poll showing the race within six points.

Now that's a Republican poll taken for a Republican candidate so we have take the results with a grain of salt.

But then, there's this:

Cory Booker pretty much confirmed those results by releasing his first negative ad of the campaign cycle today.

Confident campaigns do not go negative in the waning days before an election unless they think things aren't going so well.

Now I don't actually think Booker is going to lose this race

But I do think it's going to be closer than the 20+ percentage points it was supposed to be.

And there is an outside shot he could lose.

Either outcome would be bad for Booker.

He was supposed to be a "rock star" Senate candidate.

But this race seems to be turning into a bad melodrama for him.


  1. I am a life long Democrat voting for Lonegan. Booker has done nothing for the people of Newark. The crime rate is sky high and Cami is busy dismantling Newark Public Schools.

    1. I am a life long Democrat, or was before I voted Green in 2012.

      I also will be voting Lonegan.

      I would rather see the Republican in there, open about his neo-conservatism and corporatism, than the supposedly "liberal" Booker who is nothing more than Wall Street shill.

  2. Democrats, sit this one out or vote for a left-wing party.

    Cory Booker actively is working to degrade the quality of life of teachers.

    Teachers need to face the facts that the Democrats are wrecking their lives with Common Core, high-stakes tests and evaluation schemes that ignore the social factors that play into education outcomes. If Democrats are going to sing the blame the teachers for everything, we need to good riddance to the Democrats, starting with Booker and Cuomo next year.

    AMEN to everything you said, RBE.

    Let Lonegan win.

    Do you want Senator Rhee in the face of Cory Booker validating the war on teachers for the next six years???