Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cuomo Stonewalls Daily News On Corruption Question

Capital Tonight has the transcript between Sheriff Andy and the DN reporter, Glenn Blain:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted today that it’s the co-chairs of the Morleand Commission on Public Corruption and not him or his staff who determine who should receive a subpoena.

In Utica this afternoon, Cuomo was questioned extensively by The Daily News’s Glenn Blain, whose bureau chief Ken Lovett has broken a number of Moreland-related stories over the past several days examining how the panel has declined to investigate the state Democratic Committee or his allies at the Real Estate Board of New York.

Asked if he or his staff had directed the commission to quash any subpoenas, Cuomo said no.
But Cuomo wouldn’t say directly if there’s any role he plays in guiding the panel.

A description of the exchange doesn’t really do it justice, so here’s a full transcript:

Glenn Blain: Governor, did you tell members of the Moreland Commission — did you or any member of your staff tell them not to issue a subpoena to the state Democratic Party or REBNY or anybody else for that matter?

Gov. Cuomo: No. Mr. Lovett asked that question to the commission itself and they said that they do the subpoenas. The co-chairs make the decisions.

Blain: So, did your staff have any role in guiding them in what subpoenas to issue?

Cuomo: Well you know that the staff — the Moreland Commission is staffed by people from the governor’s office and the AG’s office. We staff the commission. The co-chairs vote on what subpoenas to do and it requires a unanimous vote of the co-chairs.

Blain: And your (cross talk) didn’t play any role in guiding them where to send subpoenas or not?

Cuomo: The governor’s staff staffs the commission. It’s staffed by people from the attorney general’s office.

Blain: No, I understand that. But in terms of who gets a subpoena – did you play any role in that?

Cuomo: The co-chairs make that determination. The co-chairs make that determination and Lovett told — Lovett had that conversation with the co-chairs.

Classic stonewalling.

There needs to be an investigation into Cuomo's fundraising.

He's clearly hiding something.


  1. Verrrry interesting that the leading journalistic writing is in places like Glen Falls, and that the NY Times has buried or ignored this story.

    1. The Times seems to think they're above this story.