Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Daily News Wants "Death Penalty" For Schools Too

They applaud Governor Cuomo for saying "failing" schools deserve the death penalty, then point to a Bloomberg Philanthropy- and Gates Foundation-funded research group study that pats the Bloomberg administration on the back for its school closure policies, replacing large schools with smaller ones.

See here for how MDRC works is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropy even as it works in concert with the Bloomberg administration on various free marketeer social programs.

The study the Daily News is pointing to was funded by the Gates Foundation - which of course pushes small schools to replace large schools

Gotta love a Bloomberg-funded research group that pats the Bloomberg administration on the back for its education policies.

Gotta love even more when the Daily News uses this Bloomberg-funded research group's Bloomberg-and Gates Foundation-funded school closure study as proof positive why the Bloomberg closure policies ought to continue without acknowledging where this research group gets its money from - namely Bloomberg Philanthropy and the Gates Foundation.

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