Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 4, 2013

De Blasio Calls Himself A "Fiscal Conservative"

Turns out that Bill de Blasio the "Marxist" is also Bill de Blasio the "fiscal conservative" - at least that's what he told a group of business leaders today:

De Blasio's ascension has created a sense of nervousness within some corners of the city's business community, which prospered during Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 12-year reign and is fearful of more liberal policies emanating from City Hall.

The candidate has acknowledged the tension, sending reassuring signals to leaders in a series of closed-door meetings and fundraisers, and praising Bloomberg far more often than usual in his Friday speech.

"Look. I know not everyone in this room agrees with every part of my plan," de Blasio said. "Today let's go forth together and resolve that the tale of two cities will be in our past and that building one city will be our future."


De Blasio also raised eyebrows in the Marriott Marquis ballroom when he dubbed himself a "fiscal conservative."

"I'm a progressive activist fiscal conservative, but I'm still a fiscal conservative," he said while fielding a question from the audience. "And so we can't talk about tax cuts in any sector until we sort out our financial situation."

De Blasio later explained his remark to reporters, saying his "progressive" plan "begins with balancing the budget." By law, the city is required to balance its budget.

Like every politician that comes up through a corrupt and rotten political system like the one we have here in the United States, de Blasio bears close watching.

He ran left this election cycle.

That's because that was where the opening was.

Had the opening been on the right, don't kid yourself that he wouldn't have run right.

De Blasio, like almost every other politician in the American system, is expedient and an opportunist.

These guys do what makes the most sense politically.

This time around that meant running left.

But don't be surprised if he pulls a Barack Obama once he's in office and all those nice leftie promises he made during the primaries get kinda forgotten.

You know, the way Obama forgot to bring his walking shoes to the White House.

The smarter charter school operators know this too.

That's why they're contributing to him and making nice.


  1. If Bill DeBlasio conducts his business in a similar manner as President Obama he will be a one term mayor. The support he receives will turn into his detractors as local politics even for a city as New York is a much different electorate than a national campaign. The voters in NYC want change not chump change!

    1. I suspect they're getting an Obama-style sell out. The meeting he had with Murdoch and Zuckerman - the secret meeting - confirms that for me.

  2. Is DeBlasio following the Obama strategy of opportunism, deception and manipulation?

    1. Even more evidence of that already:

  3. I was going to vote for him to give him a high plurality.

    Now I'm voting Green, for Anthony Gronowicz.

    1. He certainly bears close watch after he's elected, that's for sure. But I'm not surprised by any of this. I thought it would happen - just not so early. Hell, the election is still more than a month away.