Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 14, 2013

De Blasio Says Bloomberg's Late Term Charter Co-Locations Will Be Subject To Review If He Is Elected Mayor

Doesn't sound like Eva's charter school march changed de Blasio's take on charter school co-locations too much:

With just two and a half months left in his administration, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is busy tying up loose ends and attempting to secure some of his most ambitious policy objectives.

"The city’s Department of Education is giving the green light to open or expand 23 charter schools before Mayor Bloomberg leaves office and provide them with free space in city buildings," reported the Post today. "The actions could be a lifesaver for the popular alternatives to public schools because Bloomberg’s likely successor, Democrat Bill de Blasio, has vowed to impose a moratorium on co-locating charter schools in city facilities."

Speaking to the press at the Columbus Day Parade this morning, the Democratic nominee suggested that those late-term deals are going to be subject to review, if he wins.

“The mayor is rushing to put a lot of things in place and ... if the people choose me, we’re going to review everything immediately upon taking office," he said, in Rockefeller Plaza. "Some of the things he’s been rushing, like the NYCHA infill development plan, I know are counterproductive. And we’re going to look at everything and we’re not gonna assume what the mayor rushed to get done was the right thing for the people of New York City."

75 days until Bloomberg flies off for Bermuda.

Everything Bloomberg and Walcott push through the PEP this school year should be subject to review come January.

This lame duck "Let's sign ten year contracts with our cronies" stuff is criminal and they should not be allowed to get away with it.


  1. I just saw a Lhota add where he proclaims that he will double the number of charters if elected. That advertisement should reduce his polling numbers even further. Let us hope the Bill D does not stand for Dollars as bought by the corporate sponsors of evil Eva & Co.

    1. So far, he has made public comments that have not contradicted his previous stances on this issue. We'll just have to hold him to this as we go.