Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Does Commissioner John King Have SED Officials Monitoring The Internet For Education Reform Heresy?

Apparently the informational text reading police are unfamiliar with literary techniques like figurative language:

The Niagara County Sheriff's Office was asked by Albany police on Friday to investigate a perceived threatening comment made on social media by a teacher at George Southard Elementary School.

An Albany detective who contacted the sheriff's office said the teacher had posted "can't wait for Sept. 24th, dead man walking."

Deputies were sent to the school Friday to interview the teacher who stated he made the comment in regard to the commissioner of education's reception at an educational meeting in Poughkeepsie.
The teacher said the comment was make in poor judgment and he had no intention, nor the means, to harm the commissioner. 

Albany police were contacted and video of the interview with the teacher was provided.

In Baltimore, they arrested a man for making derogatory statements about the Common Core at a town hall meeting.

Here in NY State, they try and intimidate a teacher for making what is clearly a hyperbolic comment about Commissioner King's tenure at SED on Facebook.

It is interesting to note that the complaint over the Facebook comment came from Albany but the teacher works in Niagara County.

Just who put the complaint into Albany police about the comment made by the Niagara County teacher?

The New York State Education Department is located in Albany.

Was the complaint made by someone at SED?

And if so, just why is this bureaucrat being paid to monitor social media for education reform heretics.

We know the USDOE had paid trolls monitoring critics like Diane Ravitch.

We know this because one of the trolls who was tasked with that job, Peter Cunningham, told us so in a Huffington Post piece attacking Ravitch.

My "Hmmm..." meter goes off at this story of Albany police contacting Niagara County police over a comment posted by a Niagara County teacher on Facebook about NYSED Commissioner King.

Is somebody at SED monitoring and trolling social media and the blogosphere looking to retaliate against reform heretics?

Does the NYSED have an Internet troll division just the way the USDOE does?

The trajectory of this complaint, coming from somebody in Albany about a teacher in Niagara County, certainly suggests this is so.

In any case, you know the Common Core/corporate education deform movement has jumped the shark when they have to use the state security forces to clamp down on dissent, criticism and opposition to their agenda.

This will work in some instances, but overall, it will just fan the flames of the fury many parents and teachers are feeling over the SED reform agenda, the Common Core, and the state's battery of tests and bring the deform movement closer to its very deserved demise.


  1. This is more proof (or evidence, as State Ed loves to throw around) why many teachers are afraid to speak up against the reforms State Ed is subjecting students and teachers to. Districts and now SED intimidate and bully their teachers because they speak out against the corporate reform agenda. This is unbelievable. But the momentum is in our favor as was evidenced by the Town Hall meeting in Poughkeesie and the Town Hall Meeting sponsored by Senators Griffo and Brindisi at Whitesboro HS. It is no longer just educators who understand the harm these reforms are causing. Parents also know and will not stand for it any longer. Stand together and tell everyone you know about this injustice.

    1. I agree. Threatening teachers and calling parents "special interests" is only going to make things worse.

  2. Keeping in mind that the destruction of education is just one piece of a much bigger picture. The goal is to destroy all that we know as our society. We need to stand up to the bigger picture, the destruction of the middle class, to create a low wage nation.
    Heading back to feudal times......that's where the plutocratic corporate/government state is taking us.

    1. More and more, people are getting this. King argues that we don't have a "jobs crisis," we have a "skills crisis," because schools are churning out people without the necessary skills to do the jobs that are available. This theory is so easily knocked down - Krugman has done it, Reich has done it. It's a passe argument that had traction a few years ago but that people aren't willing to believe so much anymore. But that doesn't stop him (or Arne) from trotting it out.

  3. a friend on FB tells me just as soon as comments were made on a very specific subject a memo from King's today Ken whatever came flying out of the NYSED bunker. I observed one Ianuzzi loyalist, yes there is one! trying to attack someone who'd slagged him as a sell out. It ended with the Ianuzziophile trying to play some fake solidarity card, see you in the trenches b.s. but it made me wonder how many more are lurking there and on the twitter and elsewhere like the good little flying monkeys they are. How about that Ithacaisgorges dreamboat who blew up Ratto accusing him of tweeting CCSS questions. He had NYSED all over him. Yu know they are out there too.

    1. They're out there watching. That's for sure. I'm certain the call to Albany police came from SED. Who else in Albany would complain about comments a teacher in Niagara County made about John King?