Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joel Klein On Student Success

He's so full of it.

The so-called personalized learning he's talking about is created by algorithms on his Asus/Amplify tablets.

Nothing personalized about that.

Even if the tablets worked, rather than melted, which apparently they don't, since the first district that bought them has had serious issues with them.

Do you know what we need for student success?

This kind of school system.

That's something Klein - somebody so deficient in humanity that he's always on his Blackberry, no matter where he is - wouldn't understand.

Nay, couldn't understand.


  1. What was this jackwagon's great achievement?Lawyer tricks @ DOJ during that
    Microsoft thing,or presiding over Doomturd's test score bubble,sliding out the back door when that ruse was being exposed for what it was?

    1. He still hawks his achievements as chancellor - which is a joke, Test scores lower afterwards then before, achievement gap larger when he left then before he took over - he's so full of crap. it's coming out his ears.