Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NYC Shifts From Plutocrats To Populists

De Blasio isn't mayor yet, Tish James isn't public advocate yet, Stringer isn't comptroller yet.

There are still elections to be held in November as we learned in 2001, anything can happen between the primaries and Election Day.

Still, de Blasio's win in the primaries, James' win in the runoff - these are good signs for those of us looking for a more progressive direction for the city.

James Eterno put it into perspective over at ICEUFT blog:

Who knows if it will make any difference in our lives, but candidates who took progressive positions on major issues, including education, have now emerged victorious in all three citywide races in the Democratic primaries.


We should not take anything for granted in the mayor's race, as the general election is still ahead of us, but it looks like the voters are calling for a completely new direction in city government.

Conservative Democrats took a pounding in the Democratic primaries.  We have to do what it takes to make sure the candidates oriented toward change chart a more progressive course in governing if they win in November, particularly when it comes to public education.

After 12 years of Bloomberg's oligarchical rule, it is heartening to see James and de Blasio as two of the three major candidates who look like they'll be elected to city-wide office next month.


  1. What De Blasio, Intend or are able to accomplish remains to be seen, but it is heartening to see a leftward turn in the city's electorate after such a long dry spell.

    It's also satisfying to see the Overclass fretting so, based on their hysterical and mean-spirited coverage of these candidates.