Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 11, 2013

NYSED Commissioner John King Shows His Cowardice

NYSED Commissioner King was slated to do a mini-tour spreading the Gospel of the Common Core all across NY State.

The tour was co-sponsored by the reform-friendly New York State PTA and was meant to give Commissioner King a friendly forum to come and sell the Common Core gospel to the people.

Only problem is, the people didn't want to hear John King preach Common Core.

They wanted to let him know how disturbed they are by the state's testing agenda, by the changes wrought by the Common Core, by the imperiousness with which these have been handed down by the Board of Regents and the SED.

After getting beaten up for his hypocrisy, after being confronted by parents angry over the radical changes he has brought to the system, after being forced to listen to people who told him in no uncertain terms to his face that they do not buy his reform agenda, King called an end to his Common Core Gospel Core:

Dear PTA Members and Friends,

The NY State Education Commissioner’s office has requested suspending the remaining Town Hall meetings on the Common Core scheduled for:

Tuesday, October 15-Garden City HS, 170 Rockaway Ave, Garden City

Wednesday, October 16- Shenendehowa HS West, 970 Rt 146 Clifton Park

Thursday, October 24- Williamsville North HS, 1595 Hopkins Rd Williamsville

Wednesday, October 30-New Hartford SHS, 33 Oxford Rd,New Hartford

While our goal was to provide an opportunity to learn and share, based on review of the initial October 10 meeting, the Commissioner concluded the outcome was not constructive for those taking the time to attend. Please know that NYS PTA will continue to work with all education and child advocacy partners to keep our members updated and informed on education, health, safety and welfare issues affecting children and families.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and express our sincere appreciation to those who have given their time to assist with organizing this initiative.

New York State PTA

What a coward.

Here he had the chance to go and learn from people what the problems with the Common Core standards and the SED testing regime are, here he had a chance to see how the peasantry are feeling about how the plutocracy is handling education policy, and this functionary for the plutocracy couldn't take the heat and called it quits on his future Town Hall meetings.

King happily meets with his fellow education reformers like David Coleman and Paul Vallas to hear tributes to his greatness and has no problem meeting with reformy groups like the Gates Foundation-funded Educators4Excellence.

But parents who tell him the damage he is doing to their children and their children's schools?

Teachers who tell him the damage he is doing to their students and their schools?

Nah - he doesn't want to hear from them.

He doesn't have the guts to hear from them.

That's clear from his canceling the Common Core Gospel Tour after one session.


  1. I haven't had such fun writing blog posts since W was in office too, King truly sux.

    1. Sean, it was your blog post where I first saw this story. I missed it last night amidst all the other stuff going on. It was a great title, btw! And great pushback, especially on his kid's school.

  2. The rubes aren"t buying the snake oil,so it's time to fold up the tent.The huckster charlatan should pack it in as well.Say buh bye now Johnny!

    1. He now becomes an object of ridicule across the state - couldn't take the heat. And quite frankly, that audience wasn't even that rude. Many PEP meeting audiences have been even more rambunctious than what King faced. A coward, through and through.

  3. It's time to let the Commissioner know that he works for the people and more importantly the students of New York State.

    He is a yellow coward!

    1. He thinks he works for the plutocrats of NY State. Faced with meeting the proles, he ran away.

      Yellow coward indeed.

  4. Awesome ! Did anyone evaluate him using the Danielson rubric while he lectured to his learners for over an hour - what a hypocrite.

    1. No - and I'm sure the sense of irony would be lost on him. He thinks he's a genious and a great educator.