Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 4, 2013

Real Estate Brokers Are Sad Mayor Bloomberg Is Leaving Office

Just as the Wall Street criminals are sad Mayor Bloomberg is leaving office, the real estate criminals are sad too:

Mayor Bloomberg would be crazy to try to run for a fourth term — but real estate brokers say it’s crazy to want anyone else in City Hall.

“I’m depressed at the thought that someone else will be mayor,” says Shaun Osher, president of real estate brokerage CORE. “I wish we could change term limits again.”

“I really wish he’d run again — and I’m a Democrat,” says Suzanne Hof, third-generation owner of Terrace real estate in Forest Hills, Queens.

“Mayor Bloomberg has been the finest mayor New York City has ever had,” says Brown Harris Stevens broker John Burger.

Burger was the top-selling agent in the country, and maybe even the world, in 2011 and 2012.
Does he have the mayor to thank for his industry’s booming success? Look no farther than the skyline for proof.

“Eight of the 20 tallest buildings in the city have been built in the past decade, and many of them are apartment buildings,” Corcoran Group CEO Pam Liebman says.

Many are the result of Bloomberg-led rezonings intended to spur development citywide.

Much of that development, of course, led to inflating apartment prices, higher rents, and driving middle and working class people out of the city and bringing in rich people.

The mayor turned the city into a luxury brand and the criminals in real estate and the criminals on Wall Street love it.


  1. Bloomberg has destroyed the soul of the city.

    He made it into a cookie cutter, big box store. Went past 2nd avenue and 57 street the other day. The former High School of Art and Design in now a hole in the ground, about to filled by another luxury tower. The elementary school that was next door has been turned into a Whole Foods.

    Bloomberg has no concept of soul. Depth, substance, integrity, he has none.

    Seems to be the prevailing ideology these days. Pretty much what we've got in the White House, too.

  2. Fist-tight control of cities, especially those plugged into the circuits of global capital accumulation, featuring surveillance, militarized law enforcement, privatization and minimal or no regulation of the FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) sector, is a major feature of the neoliberal regime. As one of the world's richest men, whose fortune has multiplied many times while in office, Bloomberg is the literal incarnation of this process.

    While De Blasio's real intentions or capabilities remain to be seen, it's deeply gratifying to see these parasites have a major freak out over The Little Monster's impending departure.

    Some people need to hear the word "no" more often, and these are among them. The voters of NYC have clearly indicated that they want the city to go in a new direction, to be something other than a playground for tourists and the global Overclass. Hopefully, De Blasio will fight for that, but only if people force him to.

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