Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rookie Teacher John King Pontificates About Teachers "Who Are Getting Great Outcomes"

More nonsense from rookie teacher/NYSED Commissioner John King:

“I think one challenge, when contract negotiations happen for the New York City UFT contract, will be to look at the question of professional development and how much time is set aside, how are costs covered, and those kinds of questions,” King said at the time.

King reiterated that stance today. But asked after the panel what else he’d like to see in the city’s next contract with the teachers union, he offered new suggestions that would be less likely to find embrace from the teachers union.

He said he’d like to see city and union officials collaborate to work the state’s new teacher evaluation system — which the UFT has roundly lambasted — into the contract.

“Obviously trying to build on the work of the evaluation system … I imagine that will be an issue explored in the contract evaluations,” King said. ”Trying to find strategies to maximize the impact of teachers who are getting great outcomes for the students, and trying to figure out how to position those teachers as teacher leaders, and helping those highly effective teachers play a coaching role with student teachers, with new teachers in the induction period, and with their colleagues that might be struggling, that could be very effective as well.”

What the hell would he know about teachers who are "getting great outcomes"?

He taught one year in a public school.

He taught two years in a charter school, but who the hell knows what he actually did there.

And then he helped start a charter school most famous for how many black male students they suspend every year.

This man knows nothing about teaching or schools.

It's a shame that Gotham Schools gives this guy a platform to spew his bull@#$%.

Guess that's what happens when the charter people who promoted King into his positions of power also fund your little "news" website.


  1. If contract negations reach an impasse does Mulgrew allow John King to be the arbitrator of them as he did the teacher evaluations?

  2. Is it just me or did anybody else read this and think that what they are saying is that we need more PD and less student contact time? (In other words the extra 37 1/2 minutes was never a good idea and we should be using all of that time for PD?) I would actually be down with that for sure. In fact, if we get a raise that is ANYTHING less than the pattern 8%, I think we should simply eliminate the extra 37 1/2 minutes all together.

    1. I suspect if they add PD time, it will be additional added time to what we already work. I am opposed to any givebacks in the next contract - especially time. We are already working a ton more for free - I don't want 2% or whatever jive they give to work another 30 minutes a day.