Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What The UFT Leadership Would Do If They Really Wanted To Solve The Evaluation Problems

From NYCDOEnuts at Gotham Charter Schools, in response to the UFT resolution calling for a moratorium on the high stakes attached to tests for a brief period of time:

This is just a UFT ploy to trick the members into thinking they are doing something. If the UFT really cared about the rank-and-file they would demand a complete moratorium, on The Common Core, Danielson, and all aspects of Advance. They would then lead a full blown campaign including marches, rallies, and ads, to inform the parents and lawmakers in NYC and beyond of the negative effects these policies have on teachers and students.



  1. Unfortunately, they will never do that, as they have committed to co-managing this process, and us, along with Blomberg's DOE and King's SED.

    The UFT long ago stopped being a bona fide trade union, independent of management, but instead is something closer to a company ombudsman, at best representing workers from within the hostile confines of the DOE, and making a deal with the Devil to maintain the leadership's perks at the expense of the membership.

    They've been able thus far to successfully count on the rank and file's distraction, intimidation by management, apathy and/ or complacency, but their ability to do so is fast disappearing. Faux tough guy Mulgrew's agreeing to RttT, VAM and Danielson, and then disgracefully shilling for them, may eventually lead to Unity's long overdue downfall.

    1. They certainly look like they're going to defend this piece of crap to the death. The problem is the implementation, the lack of curriculum - not the system itself.

      OK, boys and girls - that means you OWN it.