Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cuomo And De Blasio

I just want to point out in all the headlines and tabloid covers of de Blasio's fall from grace in public polling that he isn't all that far below the "masterful" Andrew Cuomo who has been eating him for lunch in the political skirmishing.

In the latest Marist poll, Cuomo is at 42%.

In the latest Marist poll, de Blasio is at 39%.

There's been a concerted effort by the corporate overlords to undercut de Blasio.  De Blasio has had the Wall Street Journal, the Daily News, the Post, Eva Moskowitz and Andrew Cuomo attacking him these past two months, plus he's done some self-inflicted damage to himself with missteps, so it's not a surprise he's at 39%.

Cuomo, on the other hand, has the press carrying water for him and nobody other than some parent advocates and teachers attacking him for his education policies.

Yet Cuomo is only at 42%.

Sheriff Andy may think he's winning the propaganda war against de Blasio (and he is), but he isn't exactly winning the political war.

The truth is, Cuomo is nearly as unpopular as de Blasio is, and unlike de Blasio, Cuomo hasn't been under assault for being a dirty rotten hippie.

Just wanted to point that out.

No wonder Cuomo was trying to talk Repubicans out of nominating a professional politician like Astorino.

Cuomo starts from a place of weakness this year and he'd rather run against Crazy Carl Paladino or The Donald, making the race for re-election much easier for him.


  1. Astorino's political career is built exclusively on unseating sitting Democrats. Unfortunately, there's no reason to assume he'd be any better than Cuomo. Frankly, it's tough for me to see the difference between Cuomo and some GOP hack. Astorino is very pro-charter and I've seen no evidence he aligns with GOP pols who oppose Common Core, the punitive tax cap, or the strangle public schools budget formula championed by Governor Andy.

    1. I agree completely about Astorino.

      I'm not supporting Astorino.

      And I think he is a longshot to win at best.

      I just want to point out that Andy Cuomo is much weaker than he wants people to think he is and the unions could be using this weakness against him if some of them (like the UFT and Andy Pallotta at NYSUT) weren't so busy falling all over themselves to hand him campaign donations.

      If you get elected Executive VP of NYSUT, I would bet you wouldn't be propping up a weakened (yet still anti-union and anti-teacher) governor with campaign cash even as he helps organize pro-charter rallies for Eva Moskowitz.)

  2. Cuomo is a DINO, let's face it. Sorry to say, next election, I won't be voting for him. Astorino is not my choice, either, so if there's any halfway viable third party person running, that's who is getting my vote.

    As for Mr. deBlasio, he better start showing some concisive management skills very quickly. The campaign is over, time to show that he has the ability to implement what he spoke about on the campaign trail. So far, deBlasio just seems to appear weak and overly focused on one issue ( pre-k). Mr. deBlasio- DON'T make me feel sorry that I cast my vote for you to be Mayor.

    The silly competition between Cuomo and deBlasio ( initiated by Cuomo) should stop. Can't Cuomo act like a BIG BOY, instead of trying to prove that he's better than deBlasio? After all, once you're in office, you're supposed to act like a grown up and represent all of the people...

    1. Cuomo is a child. A selfish, petulant child who MUST get his way or else!

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  4. According to a Syracuse paper, the Green Party's Howie Hawkins is running against Cuomo again. I voted for Howie last time and would certainly vote for him in the next race