Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Did Cuomo Administration Officials Coordinate With Charter Operators To Organize Eva's Charter School Rally?

That seems to be the indication from this Daily News story:

Cuomo’s appearance before the pro-charter crowd snatched some of the attention that de Blasio and his allies hoped to focus on pre-k funding.

Sources with knowledge of the situation say Cuomo urged charter school advocates to turn out for the pro-charter rally. However, Cuomo administration officials denied there was any coordination with rally organizers.

In short, did Cuomo administration officials tell Eva Moskowitz and other charter operators, "Come on up to Albany for a rally on the same day de Blasio is coming for his pre-K rally, we'll have a surprise for him"?
It just seems odd that Eva chose the same day de Blasio was going to Albany for a rally to bring her political pawns, er, students and family members up to Albany too without somebody in Albany telling her, "Yeah, we think this will work."

From the DN story, it sounds like Cuomo was as much an organizer of the rally as Eva herself.

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