Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 3, 2014

If CCSS Tests Aren't Good Enough To Be Used For Student Evaluations, Why Are They Good Enough For Teacher Evaluations And Merit Pay?

A commenter on the Newsday article reporting Andrew Cuomo is going to run his own pro-CCSS ads that will also criticize the CCSS roll-out from the state and say the CCSS tests are not ready to be used on students:

So he says outright that using the test scores is unfair for evaluating students....But it IS fair for evaluating teachers? And he thinks some should get a taxpayer funded $20,000 bonus based on an unfair evaluation? I'm a TEACHER and I think that is an OUTRAGE!

Indeed, where does Cuomo get off criticizing the CCSS tests for use on children but defending the CCSS tests for use on teachers as part of APPR and merit pay as part of his education reform proposals for 2014?

Another commenter writes:

Mr. Cuomo's one-size-fits-all teacher evaluation plan caused excessive testing, wastes instructional time, and leads to teaching to the test, It is a major piece of the problem and should be addressed.

This commenter has a very good point as well - one of the complaints about the CCSS reform agenda from the NYSED and Regents is that there is excessive testing taking place that is putting a ton of anxiety on students, parents and teachers and sapping resources from schools and districts.

Cuomo's APPR teacher evaluation system is THE major reason why this is happening.

He can criticize the CCSS rollout all he wants and try and displace blame onto SED and the Regents.

The fact is, one of THE major reasons why there is so much overtesting in NY State is because Governor Cuomo's APPR teacher evaluation system mandates 40% of a teacher's rating come from so-called student performance (i.e., tests and "performance assessments.")

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