Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 3, 2014

John Flanagan Doesn't Want To Delay Common Core

From State of Politics:

Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan was non-committal on whether his chamber would take up the Assembly bill to delay for two years the implementation of the Common Core standards.

Flanagan indicated the concerns of the Senate are necessarily the speed of implementation, but that it should simply have been done better.
“The real challenge comes as how do you define what a delay is? Do you really want to delay the implementation? I think what people are talking about is the timely and proper implementation of Common Core. Do we have the modules? Do teachers have the tools? Are students being ex[posed to all the appropriate information before they’re examined?”
The Assembly bill would delay Common Core’s implementation for teacher evaluations and student assessment, while addressing concerns lawmakers, parents and teachers have raised about the sharing of student data.

“Not so sure there’s a lot of people saying slow down the implementation, they’re just saying it should be done better — far better than it’s being done now,” Flanagan said.

I dunno how you read that statement from Flanagan, but I read it this way - he supports Common Core and likes the implementation timetable.

He's simply doing the same thing Governor Cuomo has done by putting the blame on SED for the "implementation" problems.

In short, Flanagan will not be bringing up any bill that either delays CCSS stakes or pulls the state out of CCSS completely. 

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