Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 6, 2014

How's That Deal With Cuomo Working Out?

It took all of a few days before Andrew Cuomo made it quite clear that he does not intend to live up to his end of the bargain he made with Working Families Party for their endorsement:

ALBANY -- Republicans Thursday mocked Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo for vowing to help Democrats take over the State Senate, and then, days later, touting his ties with GOP legislators.

Republicans called it a "180-degree flip-flop."

A Democratic spokesman said there was no inconsistency about the governor highlighting his record getting legislation through and promoting party candidates.

On Saturday, Cuomo, a Democrat, blasted Republicans as "ultra cons," or conservatives, and said they should be removed from power in the Senate. He did so as a condition to win the endorsement of the liberal Working Families Party.

Then, on a western New York swing Wednesday, Cuomo appeared at a news conference with a Republican senator and touted that he'd "reversed that partisanship that existed in Albany."

Asked if residents now represented by Republicans should worry about losing influence, he said no.
"How can anyone trust this guy?" the state Republican Committee said in a news release.

"Andrew Cuomo is trying to have it both ways, playing to his liberal base downstate while feigning bipartisanship upstate."

The state Republican Committee got this story EXACTLY right - how can anyone trust this guy?

First he's working behind the scenes to ensure Republicans control the State Senate so he can get his Wall Street-friendly policies through, then when he takes heat from the left, he pledges to help Democrats take back the State Senate, then he goes upstate and tells Republican, "Nahh, don't worry about what I said on that hostage video I did for Working Families Party last weekend, I have no intention of doing what I said I would do in that video.

How can anyone trust anything this guy says?

And how bad does that deal the WFP made with Cuomo look now that he has made a mockery of it?

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