Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ed Ra: Repeating The Process That Got Us Current Evaluation System Makes No Sense

Assemblyman Ed Ra:

Thank you, Assemblyman Ra, for standing up for students, teachers and public schools.


  1. Hey RBE. I Have an unrelated question. Does this awful reform package include the provision that no student shall be assigned a teacher rated ineffective two years in a row? Did that make it in the bill?

    1. I believe it is in the bill, but I have to check. Will let you know later.

    2. If that is true it will be a logistical nightmare for any small district that has only one or two secondary teachers per grade. If our 8th grade math teacher is rated ineffective this year, where would they place the 130 incoming 7th graders next year? This is another on of the many impulsive ideas that proves Cuomo wants nothing to do with improving teaching and learning.