Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, April 3, 2015

Jim Tedisco: Evaluation System Will Be Rigged To Find Failure

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco in the Times-Union:

The former State Education Commissioner said 70 percent of students will fail the Common Core standardized tests. Why on Earth would the Governor and Majority allow 50 percent of the teacher’s evaluations to be based on these terrible tests. I debated this issue and called for our Common Core Parental Refusal Act (A.6025/S.4161) the other night when the state budget passed.


This budget was an end run by the Governor to double-down on these developmentally inappropriate standardized tests. Complicit in this conspiracy was the Majority in the Assembly who knew full well that the way the bill is structured, the State Education Commissioner is going to be the Governor’s surrogate and use tests that 70 percent of kids will fail to be half the basis for teacher evaluations.

Now, we need to starve the beast that’s Common Core by passing the Common Core Parental Refusal Act and having as many children as possible refuse the tests.  To sign our petition, go to!!!

Thank you, Assemblyman Tedisco, for standing up for students, teachers and public schools.

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  1. Go to YouTube and watch the exchange between Tedisco and Cathy Nolan on the floor of the Assembly this past Tuesday night. Nolan is the Assembly Education Chair and a babbling buffoon. She cannot answer a simple question. It's so obvious she has no real idea what is even in the bill she is advocating on behalf of. It's easy to understand how she has been raked over the coals by her counterpart in the Senate, John Flanagan. Nolan simply isn't up to the task she has been given. She's incompetent.