Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Incredibly Lame Paterson Expose In Times

Dunno what all the fuss was about the past few weeks concerning Governor Paterson.

There were all kinds of rumors floating around such as Paterson and his wife are swingers and have sex parties in the governor's mansion or Paterson's a coke fiend who enjoys doing lines off the naked bodies of dead hookers.

Quality stuff like that.

The Times was supposedly investigating these rumors and was going to blow the doors out of Albany with an expose about Paterson.

Now that stuff I detailed above may be true for all I know, but the Times either doesn't have that info or plan on publishing it if it does.

What they do have is a story about Paterson's chief aide, David Johnson, a 6 foot 7 fellow nicknamed D.J. who was arrested for selling coke to the cops as a teenager and has been involved in at least three domestic abuse cases, the last one as recently as last October.

Paterson's other aides do not like Johnson and think he has too much power and influence over Paterson.

Johnson used to be Paterson's driver, now he's functioning as a quasi-chief of staff to the governor.

Granted Paterson is a hypocrite for calling for Hiram Monserrate's expulsion from the state senate for a misdemeanor conviction in a domestic abuse case while keeping Johnson, a man with his own domestic abuse problems, as his chief aide.

And granted, that Paterson would essentially give so much power to this "Benson" figure with a violent past and at least one felony drug conviction (his other conviction came when he was underage and has been sealed) is a bit scary and shows, uh, an interesting bit of judgment on Paterson's part.

But surely this story doesn't call for Paterson's resignation.

So either there is more to this story that the Times didn't get into or Paterson was right about somebody being out to get him.


  1. Those out to get him are likely to succeed in doing so come primary time. Personally, I won't spend much time mourning his loss.