Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snakeoil Harold, Go Away

Helicopter Harold Ford had a difficult time in the Village last night speaking to gay rights activists:

This did not go well for Harold. If he had supporters, it was not evident. Many people held picket signs, with words like "Anti-gay liar," "Liar," and "Snakeoil Harold." If not for the efforts of organizers, it would have devolved into a real scene.

The loudest applause came when Lt. Dan Choi expressed support for incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. He told Ford he seemed to be asking our community to "fire her" to reward her for her fierce advocacy.

Ford didn't do himself any favors by asking a questioner to clarify what "Lawrence v. Texas" was. Ladies will be glad to hear the room was equally activated when Ford tried to distance himself from his pro-life past.

The session was brief, lasting just 20 minutes. It appeared to be cut short when the room burst out in chants of:
"Anti-choice, anti-gay
Snakeoil Harold, go away."

Not a photo-op for his campaign website. Local news channel NY1 was there.

It's been a bad 24 hours for the news cycle if you're a teacher or a union member, but I have to say, this story makes me smile.

They had to cut the session short because the crowd broke out into chants of "Anti-choice, anti-gay Snakeoil Harold, go away."

Now that's great.

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