Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State Moves Up Evaluation Deadline To July 1, 2012 From January 16, 2013 - UPDATED

UPDATE - 7:39 PM: The below quote has been pulled from the Daily News link. It had been there as of 4:14 PM when I blogged this. It would be fabulous if the Daily News got the story wrong - the last thing we need is some ramped-up deadline that is just a few months off that pushes through the most radical changes to the school system and to teacher evaluations in a long, long time.

Better to, you know, actually think about stuff before you, you know, change it.

Especially when people's jobs and reputations (now that the evals will be published in the press) are on the line.

Given how Cuomo, Tisch and King pushed through changes to the original RttT law last May AFTER the legislation had been passed, raising the state part of the eval based upon test scores to 40%, it would not be beyond the pale for Cuomo to push through a unilateral change to the deadline after the unions agreed to the framework.


From the Daily News:

There's also a change to a recent deal to implement a statewide teacher evaluation system. School districts now must implement their plans by July 1 of this year, rather than Jan. 16 of next year, or face losing their school aid increase. For the city, the evaluation appeals process must be in place by Jan 16 of next year.

Expect the pressure to mount on the UFT to come to an agreement on the new evaluation system - including new local tests for all subjects in all grades - before September 4, 2012.

Expect the UFT to cave to that pressure.

Expect Bloomberg and his Tweedies to institute a nightmarish barrage of tests, 3-12, in all subjects and use a VAM similar to the TDR VAM to evaluate teachers on those tests.

Expect thousands of teachers to come up "ineffective" every year on that measurement - and expect EVERY teacher to eventually come up "ineffective" on it since the VAM will be so error-riddled and random.

Expect thousands of teachers to be slated for firing and thousands more to be stuck going to hours of PD to "improve."

Expect Leo Casey to say the deal scrapes the skies and anybody who doesn't like it just doesn't understand it.


  1. I did not see anything relating to changing the teacher evaluation date in the New York Daily News link.

  2. The item was under Update 2 - It's been pulled off the update but was there when I blogged it this afternoon.

    I hope it is off the agenda. The push Cuomo and his education reformers at the NYSED and the Regents are doing on ramming an eval deal through as soon as possible without any tests or VAM developed is really upsetting.

    If you're a teacher, that is - if you're an education reformer, it's a wet dream come true.