Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 5, 2012

Why The Cuomo Teacher Evaluation System Will Result In The Firing Of Tens Of Thousands Of Excellent Teachers

Quite frankly, good teaching gets punished by value added measurements based upon test scores.

Or, as Michael Winerip put it, numbers lie.

Just wait until this system goes into effect statewide.

Cuomo calls it "scientific" and "objective."

It will be anything but.

A staff member for a state senator I spoke to last week told me she hopes that after a year or two, the public will see the new evaluation system for the madness it is and call for it to be dismantled.

I hope for that too.

But I also hope that the governor who put this into place, along with the NYSED Commissioner and Regents Chancellor, are held "accountable" for the nightmare to come.

And made no mistake, no matter what Leo Casey says, this is going to be a nightmare that will result in tens of thousands of excellent teachers being fired.


  1. What I don't get is how anyone can fail to realize that it will be a nightmare.

    Think of all the time, energy, and money that's going to go into these evaluations. Evaluations will consume the schools. Teachers already don't have enough time to teach.

  2. I agree with you, Tom. It seems so unworkable to me. But if you don't work in schools or have kids there, it seems like a common sense solution. At least that's what the Siena poll released today seems to indicate about how people feel.

    We'll see what they think after two years of non-stop standardized tests and firings.

    It's a shame that we'll have to go there, but we're going to have to go there.

    I guess we'll see what's standing after that.