Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Backlash Against Quinn Grows

The NY Times story on Christine Quinn's nasty, vindictive side is garnering some interesting comment threads at Gothamist:

"A few days later, Crowley "learned that Ms. Quinn had cut the Council
contributions to senior centers and youth sports programs in her

If you ever needed a better reason to not vote for her, here it is.  She cuts funding to the elderly and to youth programs for no reason other than personal vendetta.


 Precisely.  I could give two shits if she shouts and curses.  So because she doesn't get along with someone, the elderly and children in that person's district have to pay for it?  Fuck her.


 Agreed.  Petty machine politics.

Or this one:

Just imagine if a male council member threatened to "cut her t-ts off."
$500k in therapy and she is still a vile woman. I'd call her a bitch for half the price.

Or this:

"I make a conscious decision about when I’m gonna, you know, open up the bitch tap and let the water run."
no wonder so many people dislike this woman

There are a couple of comments that go along these lines:

I thought "aggressive/abrasive" and "swears like a sailor" were prerequisites for the position of Mayor. Isn't it in the city charter?


Agreed! Also shocked this article doesn't mention that she oddly gets crazy at the same time each month.

But many of the comments run along the lines of "Christine Quinn cut off funding for the elderly and the young because she thought someone on the City Council slighted her - what a horrible human being!

Look, I understand politics, indeed, public life, is rough.

I'm not shocked by the language and if you're a regular reader of this blog you know that I enjoy profanity, especially when it's used to call bullshit on somebody.

That's not the part of the story that's damaging for Quinn.

It's the part that exposes her vindictive side, the canceling programs for the elderly and the young because she's pissed at somebody, the treating people with disdain and contempt, the Blackbery reading while people are trying to communicate with her.

And this isn't a gender thing, like the last commenter alludes to.

I could care less if Quinn were a man with the same vile personality traits - I'd hammer that guy too.

Read my posts on Joel Klein (another famed Blackberry reader) or Michael Bloomberg and you'll see exactly that.

The point of all this is that Quinn is really a horrible human being who shouldn't be in charge of anything - not the City Council, not a company, not a staff, and certainly not New York City.

Do you want somebody who's got a documented record of cutting programs for old people and kids over a perceived slight to have autocratic control of the NYC school system?

I know I don't.

We've had enough "My Way Or The Highway" leaders in NY the last twenty years - from Giuliani to Bloomberg to Cuomo.

I'd like to have somebody who respects both the democratic process and people in charge for a change.

It is clear that Christine Quinn respects neither.

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