Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 29, 2013

NY Times: City Council Colleagues Say Quinn Vindictive And Spiteful

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn went on CNN and MSNBC to deny a NY Times report that she retaliated against elderly people and children by cutting programs to both groups in the district of a City Council member who failed to praise Quinn in a p.r. release.

Now City Council members are pushing back against Quinn's denials:

Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, denied on Wednesday that she had used the power of her office to avenge grievances with elected officials who disagreed with her. 

But hours later, two council members said that was not the case, describing episodes when they believed Ms. Quinn, who as speaker controls the Council’s financial accounts, had cut financing from programs in their districts after a political altercation. 

Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr., a Queens Democrat, said that Ms. Quinn, had slashed city contributions to his district and allowed cuts to a college scholarship fund named for his father after the younger Mr. Vallone opposed a proposal by Ms. Quinn to name the Queensboro Bridge for former Mayor Edward I. Koch. 

“It was made clear to me in no uncertain terms that there would be retribution for my vote,” Mr. Vallone said in an interview. “No one should ever be punished for representing the voices of the people who elected them.” 

Councilwoman Elizabeth S. Crowley, another Queens Democrat, said Ms. Quinn cut financing for youth programs and senior centers in her district in 2010 after her office issued a news release about local firehouses, before budget negotiations were finished, that failed to credit the speaker. 

“It was so brazenly vindictive, I don’t know what else to call it,” Ms. Crowley said. The councilwoman acknowledged that she had erred by sending out a premature and unauthorized news release, but said Ms. Quinn’s response was inappropriate. 

“She’s not hurting me,” Ms. Crowley said. “She’s hurting the people I represent, the people of the city of New York.”

I'm going to take Quinn's side here. 

It is entirely the fault of the elderly people and children in Elizabeth S. Crowley's district. 

If they weren't represented by Crowley, they wouldn't have been subject to any program cuts. 

Same goes for the people in Vallone's district.

So the answer to this issue of Quinn's alleged vindictiveness and vengeance against innocent constituents for the ostensible crimes of their representatives is simple - if your City Council representative crosses Chris Quinn, move out of that rep's district pronto.

Issue solved.

And just in case you don't think the issue is solved, Chris Quinn will call you up herself and set you straight on the issue.

Can't wait for Mayor Christine Quinn's tenure.

It's the worst of the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations together - corporate sell-outs and screwjobs leveled against the middle and working classes + angry, retributive actions taken against anybody not on board with Mayor Quinn 100% and/or not bowing down to her highness.

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  1. Well they always continuity is important when passing the political torch so it looks like wee Mayor Bloomberg is keeping pettiness alive.