Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bloomberg Is Still An Arrogant Ass

Bloomberg sure does think well of himself:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just wrapped up a panel discussion with macro legend Ray Dalio. 


His fellow panelist Dalio added that culture is an important factor to consider when picking a place to work. He went on to say something about how there’s no correlation between money and happiness.

Bloomberg swooped in: “Just remember: Happiness can never buy money.” 

The audience laughed.

Yeah, that's some funny stuff out of our former comedian mayor.

Says a lot about him too.

Reminds me of what Michael Corleone said about Hyman Roth in Godfather II:

He thinks he's going to live forever.


  1. And they laughed and guffawed him,just like they did for his three terms as mayor. The only mayor in NYC history, other than Boss Tweed perhaps, who skated freely without nary any true analysis and criticism by The Press. How is that? Why is that? Unaccountable, unlikable...and untouchable...

  2. How much did this cretin waste on tbe ATRs alone-in dollars? Id say well over 500 million bucks easy. He threw away more money just on the ATR syndrome alone , than all the Race TTop combined. And this still continues.And he is applauded, and celebrated. All the waste in the mini schools, with two or three 6 figured supervisors with 250 student rosters PLUS the network people, who are ALL 6 figures in salary. And this continues as we speak. Yet, Bloomberg is applauded, and coveted worlwide for his business prowess. Of course, all of this waste was with YOUR money...not his.